Teachers making all efforts to get students while NMC remains quite cool

Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) has to learn a lot from their own teachers who have been making all efforts to increase the number of student. It appears the teachers are more bothered about the school than the NMC. Whatever ways the teachers find the have been applying to get more and more students. If this continues this way some day all the NMC schools will close down. NMC’s Marathi Primary School at Utkhana was turned into a semi-english medium school from Kg I to 4th standard two years back but this did not have much effect as even today there are just 15 students. The school is quite old but the building in good condition.

The decreasing number of students is the main cause of worry for the teachers here. Teachers here are spending as much as they can for the welfare of the students and to increase the number of students. They have hired a auto for the students who are coming from far off places and paying the auto driver Rs 3000 every month from their own pockets. As if this is not enough they have kept two maids to bring and reach the children home. These women are being paid Rs 100 per student. Spending for the students welfare is okay but now the teachers are paying from their own pockets Rs 200 per students to some parents to send the wards to the school. Despite all this there are just 15 students and daily just 10 students turn up in school. Including the principal there are three teachers. Out of these, one comes by fits and starts. There is one sweeper but no peon.

Just 4 students in Kg classes
For Kg I and Kg II no additional teachers as there are just 4 students in these two classes. The school has given an application to the NMC’s Education Department to give additional teacher for these two classes. The education department has replied a teacher would be given when the number of students increase to 15. There is no computer in the entire school. The basic facilities like toilets and drinking water arrangements are okay. The school is clean and since the school premises is big children have enough space to play.

Other English medium schools affect NMC school
According to the School Principal Kalpana Nigam they are trying their level best to increase the number of students. They have been meeting the parents and guardians. She said that as the work of BLO is given to them the students’ studies suffer. She said that since there are other English Medium Schools so there is less number of students in the NMC schools.

By Shamanand Tayde