Published On : Sat, Feb 16th, 2019

Tajashree Honda found ‘looting’ customers in the name of ‘servicing’

Nagpur: The tainted Tajashree Group, after grabbing headlines for one shabby controversy or another including Wasankar investment scam and automobile frauds, has now found duping automobile customers in the name of servicing.

The fact of the matter is that a customer had purchased an Activa 125 moped from Tajashree Honda Showroom in Deonagar two years back. The customer got servicing of his vehicle 3-4 times in a year. But when the customer again went for servicing of his Activa on February 14, the showroom had promised to return his vehicle in the evening after servicing. However, the customer received a message in the evening that there is snag in the handle and the vehicle will be handed over at 12 noon on February 15. When the customer reached the showroom at 1 pm, he saw his Activa as it is. No servicing was done. After waiting for 3 hours, the customer was handed over his Activa. But when started for home the customers faced a flurry of problems in the form of one snag or another. The vehicle started wobbling and making noise midway. He went to a mechanic on Koradi Road who fixed a bolt but the noise continued with vibrations. Riding the vehicle was becoming difficult. Even the ‘serviced’ Activa was refusing to start.

After facing so many problems, the customer again went to Tajashree Honda Showroom’s Servicing Centre at 12 noon on February 16 and apprised about the problems he faced. A mechanic even took trial of the Activa and found the snags genuine. However, after 30-40 minutes of argument, the customer was told that a vital part of the vehicle has gone defunct and it will have to be replaced with new one. Taken aback, the customer questioned as to when the part developed fault and who did the servicing? The customer suspected tampering with the vehicle’s parts by the servicing centre for ‘robbing’ the customers in the name of installing new parts.

The customer sat in the service centre for two hours and watched helplessly the fraudulent acts being perpetrated in the name of ‘service.’