Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Tainted BJP Corporator Bhisikar “torments” babus in Satranjipura Zone with whims & fancies

BJP Corporator Pravin Bhisikar
The controversial BJP Corporator and Chairman of Satranjipura Zone Pravin Bhisikar is emerging as tormentor of officials and employees working under him. Hurling abuses and giving a dressing down to the babus in public over one or another reason has become a habit for the “tormentor.” The outcome is simple to guess: The official work in the Zone is getting a hit and the citizens are suffering. The miserable state of affairs was highlighted by none other than the “tormented” babus.

According to sources, the BJP Corporator, while finding holes in ‘Cable Duct Policy’ and raising the issue in the General Body Meeting of NMC a few months ago, had sought word from concerned official. Since the policy had shortcomings, the official had kept silent but the Mayor, sensing the volatile situation, had directed the official and his senior to come up with detailed clarification within a stipulated timeframe. The matter did not end here. When the matter was dug up deep, it came to the fore that the cable duct contract was in fact given to Bhisikar himself or a contractor close to him and instead of completing the job, raising the issue in dubious way to defame the official. It also came to the for that Bhisikar was awarded over two dozen related works. All these aspects put a question mark on Bhisikar’s intention to raise the issue in the GBM.

And now the day Bhisikar took charge of the post of Chairman of Satranjipura Zone, he has reportedly unleashed terror in the minds of babus working under him. It is very true that the babus are not “Holy Cows” and play truant when it comes to doing works of citizens or the official zonal work. It has been alleged that the tainted BJP Corporator, instead of “hobnobbing” with heads of different departments for carrying the zonal works and also the “profitable” propositions, target them with RTI queries deliberately posed by his “select” men. The pointed RTI queries, specifically directed towards Building Department, invariably expose the shabby affairs of babus and put them on the edge. With this tactic, the nefarious designs of Bhisikar of tormenting the babus could be achieving the desired goal but the entire work of the zone goes haywire. The frustrated as well as fuming babus too are running from pillar to post with the sole intention of turning the tables on Bhisikar but, it seems, have not tasted success, so far.

On the other hand, according to the “evening” friends of Bhisikar, the BJP Corporator is “supremely arrogant” and does not value opinion of others. He gets “pacified” only when matters go his way. The babus should also mend “their ways” and decide on “sharing the spoils” on win-win proposition.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (