Published On : Fri, Dec 11th, 2015

T20 World Cup Schedule: India vs New Zealand in Nagpur on March 15, 2016


VCA Stadium Jamtha Nagpur

India will open their 2016 ICC World Twenty20 campaign against New Zealand in Nagpur on March 15 but arguably the biggest match of the tournament will be played in Dharamsala on March 19, where India will take on archrivals Pakistan.

ICC announced the World Twenty20 schedule, which will be played from March 8 to April 1 next year, in a glittering ceremony in Mumbai on Friday.


The hosts and the 2007 champions are placed in Super-10 Group 2 alongside Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Qualifier.

The men’s competition will be divided into two stages – the qualifiers and Super 10. The qualifiers will be played from March 8 to 13 between 8 teams divided into Group A and B, with the Super-10 stage beginning March 15.

One team from each of the qualifying groups will progress to the Super-10 stage.

Super-10 Group 1 comprises of Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, England and Qualifier from Group B.

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are the two Test nations that will have to come through qualifiers. It will also include Oman, who are making their debut in a major ICC event.

The men’s and women’s competition will be held simultaneously, with both the finals taking place on April 1.

In the women’s draw as well, India are placed with Pakistan in Group B and will play the neighbours in Delhi on the same day as men’s, i.e., March 19.

“It’s a privilege that BCCI is hosting the World T20 event for the first time. I am sure that this event will be a great success,” ICC Chairman and BCCI President Shashank Manohar said on the occasion.

India have hosted three ODI World Cups previously in 1987, 1996 and 2011; but this will be the first time that the ICC World Twenty20 comes to India.

Eight Indian cities will be hosting the tournament – Nagpur, Dharamsala, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Mohali, Bengaluru and Mumbai.


First-round groups (group winners to progress to second round)
Group A – Bangladesh, Netherlands, Ireland and Oman
Group B – Zimbabwe, Scotland, Hong Kong and Afghanistan

Second round groups
Super 10 Group 1: Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, England and winner group B (Q1B)
Super 10 Group 2: India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and winner group A (Q1A)

GROUPS (Women)
Group A – Australia (A1), South Africa (A2), New Zealand (A3), Sri Lanka (A4) and Ireland (A5)
Group B – England (B1), West Indies (B2), India (B3), Pakistan (B4) and Bangladesh (B5)


(‘M’ denotes men’s match; ‘W’ denotes women’s match; ‘PM’ means afternoon match and ‘Eve’ means night match. Match timings to be confirmed in due course)

Tue, 8 Mar – Zimbabwe v Hong Kong (PM), Nagpur; Scotland v Afghanistan (Eve.), Nagpur
Wed, 9 Mar – Bangladesh v Netherlands (PM), Dharamsala; Ireland v Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala
Thu, 10 Mar – Scotland v Zimbabwe (PM), Nagpur; Hong Kong v Afghanistan (Eve.)
Fri, 11 Mar – Netherlands v Oman (PM), Dharamsala; Bangladesh v Ireland (Eve.), Dharamsala
Sat, 12 Mar – Zimbabwe v Afghanistan (PM), Nagpur; Scotland v Hong Kong (Eve.), Nagpur
Sun, 13 Mar – Netherlands v Ireland (PM), Dharamsala; Bangladesh v Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala
Tue, 15 Mar – India v Bangladesh (W) (PM), Bengaluru; New Zealand v Sri Lanka (W) (Eve.), New Delhi; New Zealand v India (M) (Eve), Nagpur
Wed, 16 Mar – West Indies v England (M) (PM), Mumbai; Pakistan v Q1A (M) (Eve.), Kolkata; West Indies v Pakistan (W) (Eve.), Chennai
Thu, 17 Mar – England v Bangladesh (W) (PM), Bengaluru; Sri Lanka v Q1B (M) (Eve.), Kolkata
Fri, 18 Mar – New Zealand v Ireland (W) (PM), Mohali; Australia v New Zealand (M) (PM), Dharamsala; South Africa v England (M) (Eve.), Mumbai; Australia v South Africa (W) (Eve.), Nagpur
Sat, 19 Mar – India v Pakistan (W) (PM), New Delhi; India v Pakistan (M) (Eve.), Dharamsala
Sun, 20 Mar – South Africa v Q1B (M) (PM), Mumbai; West Indies v Bangladesh (W) (PM), Chennai; Sri Lanka v Ireland (W) (Eve.), Mohali; Sri Lanka v West Indies (M) (Eve.), Bengaluru
Mon, 21 Mar – Australia v New Zealand (W) (PM), Nagpur; Australia v Q1A (M) (Eve.), Bengaluru
Tue, 22 Mar – England v India (W) (PM), Dharamsala; New Zealand v Pakistan (M) (Eve.), Mohali
Wed, 23 Mar – England v Q1B (M) (PM), New Delhi; India v Q1A (M), (Eve.), Bengaluru; South Africa v Ireland (W) (Eve.), Chennai
Thu, 24 Mar – England v West Indies (W) (Eve.), Dharamsala; Australia v Sri Lanka (W) (PM), New Delhi; Pakistan v Bangladesh (W) (Eve.), New Delhi
Fri, 25 Mar – Pakistan v Australia (M) (PM), Mohali; South Africa v West Indies (M), (Eve.), Nagpur
Sat, 26 Mar – Australia v Ireland (W) (PM), New Delhi; Q1A v New Zealand (M) (PM), Kolkata; England v Sri Lanka (M) (Eve.), New Delhi; South Africa v New Zealand (W) (Eve.), Bengaluru
Sun, 27 Mar – West Indies v India (W) (PM), Mohali; India v Australia (M) (Eve.), Mohali; England v Pakistan (W) (Eve.), Chennai; Q1B v West Indies (M) (PM), Nagpur;
Mon, 28 Mar – South Africa v Sri Lanka (W) (PM), Bengaluru; South Africa v Sri Lanka (M) (Eve.), New Delhi
Tue, 29 Mar – Rest/travel day

Wed, 30 Mar – Women’s semi-final (2nd group A v 1st group B) (PM), New Delhi; men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), New Delhi
Thu, 31 Mar – Women’s semi-final (1st group A v 2nd group B) (PM), Mumbai; men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), Mumbai
Fri, 1 Apr – Rest/travel day
Sat, 2 Apr – Rest/travel day
Sun, 3 April – Women’s final (PM), Kolkata; men’s final (Eve.), Kolkata