Published On : Sun, Apr 28th, 2013

Symptoms Of Cancer That We Ignore

Cancer is called the ‘Emperor of Maladies’. Despite the path breaking progress in the oncology stream of medicine, we cannot declare cancer to be a curable disease. It is a disease that cheats you. A patient goes through the painful treatment for cancer and yet it recurs a few years later. However, the only way to fight cancer is to detect it in the first stage. To do this you need to identify the subtle symptoms of cancer.

Most often cancer is not detected in the first stage because we are negligent. We ignore the symptoms of cancer as common problems.

Especially for women, the symptoms of cancer are very vague. We are not asking you to become hyper every time you feel a minor pain. But you must know how to differentiate between common health problems and symptoms of cancer. This is a tough job because almost all the symptoms of cancer are common. When cancer is in the first stage, it gives very subtle signs. But as a person who is dedicated to live a healthy life, you can try and distinguish the symptoms cleverly. When it comes to identifying the symptoms of cancer, women need to be particularly vigilant.


So, try and detect cancer in the first stage with the help of these signs.


Fever is a minor health problem that we overlook. But nagging fever is dangerous. Usually, when the cancer is spreading from its point of origin, you might have fever. It is also a sign of blood cancer.


Bloating is a very common symptom of cancer among women. Mostly, water retention happens in the body due to hormonal changes and that makes women bloat. But if you see that your bloating is increasing day by day, see a doctor immediately.


Fatigue is again a very vague symptom because you feel it all the time. But the litmus test in this case would be to get adequate sleep and rest; if you still feel tired then you need to investigate your health scenario.

Body Pain

Any kind of persistent body pain is dangerous. Especially if you have pain under your armpits or in your breast, get yourself checked. Pain at the lymph nodes could mean cancerous tumours.

Breast Changes

If women notice any change in shape, size or weight of your breasts, see a doctor immediately. Do self examination to feel for nodes or hard nodules in your breast every month.

Difficulty Swallowing

Difficulty in swallowing is one of the most evident symptoms of oesophagus or throat cancer. And if you are smoker you need to watch out for this symptom.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you are losing weight even when you are not dieting or exercising then it is not a good sign. Putting on weight without any conscious effort is normal but the reverse of this is not.

Bleeding In Between Periods

Any kind of bleeding other than your normal menstrual periods must be reported to the doctor. Cervical cancer is a number one killer disease among women so don’t ignore bleeding signs.

Spotting, Discolouration Or Moles On Skin

If you notice new moles or spots on your skin, then see a dermatologist immediately. Discolouration and spotting may be a sign of skin cancer.

Scales Inside The Mouth

Boils, scales and discolouration inside the mouth is a definite sign of mouth cancer. Even your common mouth ulcers can be seen as precursors to cancer.

Chronic Indigestion

If you have stomach cancer then you will not be able to digest anything and feel stabbing pains in your stomach. At the first stage, chronic ingestion is the only way to detect stomach cancer.

Testicular Changes

If you feel that your testicles are becoming hard, swollen or discoloured, then you need to see a doctor. Testicular cancer is on the rise even among young men.