Published On : Mon, Jan 13th, 2020

Switching to CNG would save NMC Rs 60 cr annually : Gadkari

Nagpur: “Usage of CNG and LNG would reduce the pollution in city and the additional benefit for Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is that life of its city buses will be increased by 15 years. Thus, switching over to CNG alone would save NMC’s Rs 60 crore on annual fuel bill,” said Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road, Surface Transport and Highways and MSME, after inauguration of second CNG depot in Wadi area on Amravati Road. Deputy Mayor Manisha Kothe,Rawmatt director Vaddadi Subbarao, Rawmatt CEO Kaustub Gupta were also present on the occasion.

Gadkari further said that he is hopeful of achieving conversion of waste into wealth. The wastage from farm blended with bio-fuel can lead to creation of bio-fuel and daily 49 tonnes bio-CNG would be produced. The Minister on the occasion flagged of a bus running on LNG.

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“As compared to diesel which costs Rs 72/litre, LNG costs Rs 48. Gadkari said long distance goods truck by switching over to LNG can increase the average and save more. Further increased usage of Ethanol, Methanol, Bio-Diesel, CNG can ensure savings of Rs 80 lakh crore in foreign exchange,” he claimed.

The market has recently seen launch of TVS running on Ethanol and a motorcycle on CNG and it can run a 5 HP pump. Gadkari said this technology should reach the farmers so that they can minimize their cost of taking crops. The first mother CNG station has come up on Kamptee Road and now second on Amravati Road. Gadkari further said that jobs would be created for youth in city and district who have taken technical education due to CNG stations.

:- Rawmatt is launching Nagpur’s second CNG station at Wadi.
:- Bajaj auto has launched CNG auto in Nagpur.
:- Eicher Motors has launched CNG bus in Nagpur.
:- Many other automobile companies are planning to launch CNG vehicles in Nagpur as their average is better than petrol.
:- CNG is cost effective, pollution free, reliable, clean fuel, future.
:- People can convert their current petrol vehicles to CNG and can save upto 35% on fuel savings.
:- In coming one month rawmatt is all set to launch its third station at wardha road.

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