Published On : Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

Suspicious boat with 11 Myanmarese crew apprehended near Andamans

andamanAndamans: The Indian Coast Guard has apprehended a suspicious Myanmarese boat in Indian waters near Narcondam in Andamans .

Coast Guard ships Rajkamal and Bhikaji Cama were on a routine patrol of Northern Group of Islands at 2300 hours on July 17, when they sighted one wooden boat in position 9 miles East of Narcondum Island.

The Coast Guard ships tried to establish communication with the boat on maritime frequency to identify; however, the boat did not respond and increased speed to run away.

The boat was not flying any country’s flag and was not having any name or registration marking on its hull. Coast Guard ships warned the boat several times on loud hailer and VHF set and also flashed search light indicating the boat to stop and identify, however boat tried to evade and run away from Coast Guard ships.

The crew of the boat were also seen throwing some items overboard into the sea, causing more suspicion. Thereafter, Coast Guard ships fired warning shots across the bow of the boat to forcefully stop her. Finally, the boat stopped and surrendered after approximately 2 hours of chase.

The Coast Guard boarding team boarded the boat and it was found that all 11 crew of the boat were Myanmarese and none of them were holding any passport. The vessel was carrying large quantity of fuel and water and master/crew could not give any reason for their presence in Indian waters.