Published On : Mon, May 18th, 2015

Suraj Hajra brings laurels to city by scoring 97. 4 % in ISCE exams

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As the winner rightly say that sustained hard work does yield its desired results. Well that is what city topper Suraj Hajra too opined when he spoke to Nagpur Today in an exclusive interview.

Almost everybody knows that The Council for the Indian school Certificate Examination ICSE (X) ISC (IX) is a pretty tough examination for school students to pass.

NT: Whom would you attribute your success to?
: Passing in this examination is a real feat. However Suraj Hajra while speaking to Nagpur Today claimed that he owes his success to his parents, Principal Tilak Mendonsa and the school teachers of Chanda Saraf School.

NT: What was the best time for you to study?
: For me, early morning when the city is yet to wake up and when the area is quite is the best time to study. However, six to seven hours of sustained studies everyday yielded this result.

NT: Did you follow any special schedule, allocation of days for any subjects etc?
Suraj: I just followed the school schedule. I reviewed and studied whatever was taught everyday and completed the syllabus with the school. I did not do any special scheduling etc.

Suraj hajra
: They say ICSE is pretty difficult one to pass. Did you find it hard?
Suraj: No I don’t think it is very hard exam to crack. If students are regular with their studies and keep a sustained effort in studying, they will not find the exam very difficult.

NT: What do you do to take a break from your studies?
: I play my synthesizer for some time. This helps me getting fresh from the studies and I am able to get back to my studies with renewed vigour.

NT: Do you brothers and sisters who supported you in your studies?
: Yes, I have my elder sister who encouraged me and egged me on. However, she is in Madurai pursuing her M.Sc studies.

NT: Whom do you consider sacrificed a lot for you?
: My mother. It was my mother who woke me up. It was my mother who gave me tea or coffee. Gave me the best of food, took care of all my needs.

NT: What would you advice your juniors?
: (In all modesty) I am no one to advice, but would like to tell all my juniors to just be regular in your studies.

NT: What do you aspire to become in future?
: I want to become a Computer Engineer.

Well, as Suraj rightly pointed out, sustained and regular efforts, does yield good results.

As told to Samuel Gunasekharan: Pics by Vinay Thorat