Published On : Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Sunny Leone to file a complaint against a filmmaker over movie title

Sunny Leone
When Ram Gopal Varma made Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon, nobody batted an eye, now director Kanti Shah has decided to make a new film along the same lines by naming it ‘Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon’. Obviously, the movies title has not gone down well with Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber. Sources close to the couple confirmed that the duo are planning to take legal action against Kanti Shah for trying to use her name without permission. The source was confirmed as saying, “Making Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon is not the same thing as Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon. We all know the difference.” Apparently, the story of Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon, is of a virgin, who then becomes a top adult star. Kanti Shah, is a sleazy director who made movies such as Loha and Gunda, and also B grade horror films like Khooni Shaitaan, Pyaasa Haiwaan, Khooni Bhootni, MMS Kand and Sapna Ki Jawani. Gunda, released in 1998, starred Mithun.