Published On : Sun, Sep 29th, 2013

Sunday Sentiments : NMC staff born privileged to beat parking problem!!

While the citizens may have their own set of parking woes and constant worry over their vehicles being lifted or jammed by the traffic cops prying their eyes on ‘soft target’ i.e. the innocent citizens of Nagpur, the NMC staff is purely exceptional.  The ‘No Parking’ area comes well defined and even an inch of deviation from that area would invite action from traffic policemen. But this is just one side of the coin. The either scenario can be gauged by just having a look at the pictures our lensman happened to come across.

Long live NMC…

Long live NMC…

The fine afternoons of any working day at NMC office would bring extra privilege for every NMC staff that daringly zoom their two-wheelers to the “No Parking Area” particularly designated by none other than their own department. The board stuck to a tree clearly explains the place is not meant for parking. But who cares? And why should they? Specifically, when the land on which they proudly park their vehicles is ‘No Man’s Land’. Here ‘Man’ means citizens of Nagpur and not the staff of NMC who comes in ‘special category’ may be, to enjoy the privilege of breaking rules set by its own department.

Taller than rules…?

Taller than rules…?

Flouting the norms, of course, does not fall into their kitty. Counter any NMC staff parking the vehicles at such a place of restriction, all they say would only indicate how every creature in NMC is different from ‘crawling citizens’.

Going by the norm or say the substandard set of rules, the word ‘department’ or ‘staff’ comes with privileges a plenty when it comes to ‘full use’ of civic amenities with their own might.

Why only parking…? If you slightly shift your focus towards other aspects that drive citizens to NMC offices greeting them with parking problem in the first place, then you may fairly stand a chance to say, or plead for that matter, “I would manage parking and even pay fine for wrongly parking my vehicle but please get me enough courage to sail through the more penalizing mess up inside these offices. Please help me park my documents at the correct place without getting ‘penalised’.” Guess the appeal reaches the right ears. (Mr. Commissioner, are you watching?)’s the staff vehicles..’s the staff vehicles..

The vehicles of NMC staff adamantly parked under the “no parking board’ is just a lull before the storm. It, in fact, is a warning for the citizens to beware before entering NMC’s den of clerk and babus. It indicates that people should know who the boss is and who would have the final say? Clearly its NMC staff, of course!

And the citizens …what about them…? Who cares? Solution is simple. They would keep parking their woes aside till NMC enjoys its fair (or unfair ? doesn’t  matter much to them) share of space. Till then, Happy parking to NMC at the cost of citizens’ sufferings…

Pics By : Amol Gajbhiye