Published On : Tue, Jun 25th, 2019

Sunday rains brought some relief for people but no respite for aqua life yet say experts


Nagpur: Weather on Sunday was much the awaited one. With soft breeze southing the harsh effect of sun, it was all very pleasant for the citizens. The city got to witness this cheerful atmosphere after a long exposure to the scorching sun. While this shower brought in joy and laughter to the citizens, it wasn’t sufficient for the aquatic life of the city.

Sunday definitely brought in some relief but not of the adequate amount. Owning to the harsh temperature, waters bodies dried up and shirked to an extent that a lot more rain is required to bring it up to the level and until that happens the aqua ecosystem of the city is not out of struggle, said experts.

Threats like pollution in the water bodies, low water level, high evaporation resulting in low oxygen level etc are some of the major problems aqua life is facing. These problems rise to another level in the summer, thereby causing death of several aquatic species.

Speaking to Napur Today, city environmentalist, Kaustav Chatterjee, founder, Green Vigil Foundation said that, “There is so much of pollution in the water bodies, and that requires a lot of dilution ( dilution by water) to minimize the effect. Few days of rain would do no good to the aqua system. Also percolation of rain water in the ground is an absolute necessity of the hour. That is to increase the water level and the oxygen level in the water as well.”

By Shivani Thakur