Published On : Sun, Oct 26th, 2014

Sundar Pichai set to command the top job @ Google?

Along with India, Indians prospering round the world? Google CEO Larry Page gives India’s Sundar Pichai the wand, a step towards ‘top job’ at Google

A huge step forward for Pichai’s career and must surely put him in the running for the top job at Google, if and when Page decides to step down

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Nagpur Today: He has been taking major decisions already since ten years after joining Google and running Android, Chrome, and Google Apps already on his plate! India born Sundar Pichai’s has now been handed over with authorities by Google CEO Larry Page, who has made him the incharge of the internet company’s products.

Plans of Page are now to focus on even bigger projects related to new and more products and corporate strategies, and so Pichai is now in process to concentrate on running the present business related units.

If Pichai continues to prosper, he might as well be ‘the one’ if and when Page decides to step down!

In a memo sent out by Page, seen by Re/code, he informed his staff that in addition to his current jobs, Pichai will now hold higher and entire responsibilities for search, maps, commerce, ads, research, infrastructure, along with his USP field, Google+.

sundar-pichai India Nagpur News Google CEO Lary Page

In 1972, born and brought up in India in Chennai, Pichai Sundararajan earned a Bachelor’s degree from IIT-Kharagpur in West Bengal. Later he got his Master’s degree from Stanford University, and an MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Pichai joint Google in 2004 as a product manager, and initially took charge of Google Apps, and gradually took in hand responsibility for Chrome and Chrome OS, too. Prior to that, he saw his struggling days at management consultants McKinsey & Company, holding a number of positions at Applied Materials.

Last March demanded a focus over Google’s robotics ambitions by the company, when Andy Rubin gave up his position in Android team, and there Pichai was again, adding Mobile OS operations to his profile, hence being a public figure ever since!

There was even a time, when he was rumoured as being the CEO at Microsoft, after Steve Ballmer thought to step down. Adding to the rumour, he is also known to be Twitter’s desperate choice in 2011, but Pichai preferred to stay attached to Google, after being given a loyalty incentive from the bosses at Mountain View worth multi-million dollar.