Published On : Tue, Aug 20th, 2019

Students should become ‘Cyber Security Anbassador’ to save from cyber threats – Cyber Experts

Mumbai : Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) will change the technology sector tremendously with internet entering into each aspect of our life. This will lead to increase in cyber crimes also. Therefore, each one must remain alert to secure oneself in the cyber world. Students should become ‘Cyber Security Ambassadors’ to save them from cyber threats, urged the experts in cyber security field in a seminar on cyber security.

Israel Consulate, Nehru Science Centre, and Maharashtra Cyber jointly organized a special workshop for students on how to handle safely social media, internet and new technology and to create awareness amongst them regarding cyber crimes. Over 250 students from various schools and colleges in Mumbai gathered at this workshop held at Nehru Science Centre.

Israel Counsel General Yakov Finkalston, Deputy Counsel General Nimrod Kalmar and others were present on this occasion. SP Maharashtra Cyber Sachin Pandkar, Cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia, Sonali Patankar of Responsible Netizen NGO, Prof Manoj Prabhakaran of IIT Mumbai participated in this seminar.

Cyber Security expert of Israel Menni Brazile talked to participating students through skype in this program. The first session was for school students of 14-16 age group while the second session was for college students. Mr Brazile informed them about happenings in cyber world and cyber security. He made them aware of the possible threats while using smart phones, internet and other technical instruments and how to safeguard sel by giving various examples and techniques.

SP Maharashtra Cyber Sachin Pandkar gave detail information of various measures taken in regard to cyber securit6y by Maharashtra Cyber. He said that Maharashtra Cyber is taking stern steps against cyber crimes. Direct complaints can be registered through the website regarding cases related to cyber crimes against children and women. Cognizance of complaints regarding phishing will be taken if they are made on anti-phishing website. All the facilities are provided at one place against cyber crimes.

Cyber Security expert and researcher Ritesh Bhatia and Responsible Netizen’s founder Sonali Patankar also gave tips to students for using internet.

The use of AI and IoT will be increasing henceforth in every field and this will lead to increasing use of internet in our life. This will endanger the privacy of the individual. Cyber thieves have also started using AI and therefore, it is necessary to create public awareness against this misuse, opined the experts.