Published On : Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Street plays at Futala appeal for saving Bharatvan

Bharat Ke Van Bachao Street Play series presented in Nagpur during Ganesh festival to save Urban jungles.

In the recently concluded ten day Ganesh festival , the youngsters of Nagpur led by dynamic young environment activists decided to take to streets to create awareness about the state of climate crisis in Nagpur and highlight the issues of rampant cutting down of trees in Bharatvan to build an unnecessary road.


Three teams of Street play artists belonging to Narayana Vidyalayam, Miraki theatre & Nss unit of Priyadarshani Engineering college supported by nature lovers of the Half Day Widlifers WhatsApp group & residents of Bharatnagar performed street plays at many public places including the Futala waterfront, various malls, Sarvajanik Ganesh mandals, schools and colleges across the city to create awareness about the proposal of the city fathers to build an unnecessary road through Bharatvan when other viable alternatives of other roads exist.

The street play script was written by the teachers of Narayana Vidyalayam and modified by the various teams and included messages of making the citizen aware of the importance of bharatvan, proposal of making an unnecessary road by knocking down more than 500 trees, the adamant stance of the city administrators in giving silly reasons for the need of cutting down these trees ; and requested visarjan bound devotees to follow eco friendly idol immersion practices.

The street plays also highlighted the parallel citizen movement happening at Mumbai to save Aarey forest & warned the administrators of Nagpur that a chipko movement will start if they start the process of cutting down trees.

Earlier, the residents of Bharatnagar who are fighting to save the beautiful urban jungle in their backyard created a replica of a Himalayan PIKA and took the rat which is going to be affected by climate change in Himalayas to all govt offices involved in building the road through bharatvan and read out a warning message from Bharatvan Cha Raja which spelt the doom for the future of the Nagpur City.

Team #savebharatvan wants to thank the teachers of Narayana Vidyalayam, trainee actors of Miraki theatre, NSS unit of Priyadarshani Engineering college and specially wants to thank Architect Prathamesh Waliokar, Vignesh Iyer, Rupesh Pawar, RJ Preeti, Deepali Mahajan , Dr Jaydeep Das, Sashi Kanoriya, Laxmi Kinkhede, Sachin Kale, Dr N.S. Ambatkar, Dr M.P. Singh and several other volunteers and organisers of Ganesh Mandals across Nagpur for the help during the street plays.

Nagpur today would like to remind our readers that citizens from all walks of life have come together to appeal for saving Bharatvan which is the only urban forest left in the city. It acts as the lungs of Nagpur apart from the tree roots holding on to ground water which retrenches our wells.

To chop these age old majestic trees would be a sacrilege.

The case is in the Hight Court and people expect relief.

Administration is mum on the issue and not calling a public hearing even after receiving tens of thousands of letters of objection.