Published On : Mon, Feb 4th, 2013

Stop This Nonsense : Nagpur Today’s Open letter to The Hitavada Editor Vijay Phanshikar

Dear Mr Vijay Phanshikar,

Greetings from Nagpur Today.

The Hitavada has no doubt raised the issues concerning the larger section of society. From time to time, the newspaper has put its positive feet forward to raise awareness among its discerning readers in particular and the citizens of Nagpur in general.

The latest campaign called “Stop This Nonsense” initiated by The Hitavada is also the superior among its league of many measures in the past. The liberal use of internet by the kids rather than the less tech savvy parents is predominant in most of the households. The trend is increasing alarmingly and the parents unknowingly let their soft hands on kids to go ahead with the use of internet.

Hence it’s high time someone from the media as strong as The Hitavada has taken initiative in this direction. Since this issue required emphasis on bewaring parents and children alike about the ill effects of the advanced technology, especially the sort of violent video games flooding the internet, the newspaper should have been extra cautious while freewheeling with the words and information.

Going by the introduction of the campaign and following write-up published in The Hitavada on Sunday, February 3, 2012 in City Line, every concerning parent must have pointed out the need of the hour hidden between the lines.

But at the same time, it should be starkly noted that on Sunday the children readers of Hitavada might have also read the same piece as the topic naturally catches their attention. Owing to the Twinkle Club readership, the eyeballs rolling down the Sunday text in Hitavada concentrate equal number of school going children and that of the elders.

The third para of the informative write-up published with the title – “The Hitavada Campaign Triggers Social Action” mentions the games focused on the most alarming crime in Indian society – rape. Though we are aware that the newspaper intended to point out the grave intensity with which the children are speeding towards the screen violence impacting their mindset, but the usage of sensitive information so specifically would have dealt with cautious approach, as now large number of children in Nagpur knows that there are games like this too.

Earlier 10% kids knew of such ill intended games that grant bonus points for ‘raping’ in the game, which of late has emerged as the most heinous crime in the real society. Now there may be for sure an at least 70% kids who know about such games, thanks to vast readership of The Hitavada in Nagpur.

The newspaper being the responsible tool should handle such sensitive topics with high degree of responsibility. Usage of such information may cause more harm than good. Uplifting the morale of citizens should be the prerequisite here.