Stern action brings crime rate down; Nagpur cops No. 1 in action under MPDA in State

Crackdown on gangsters, key factor behind dip in crimes: CP Upadhyay

Nagpur: City Police’s stern action against organized crime, gangsters and other notorious criminals has helped them to curb crime rate in Second Capital City of Nagpur. In a significant development, Nagpur Police emerged on the top of the chart in entire State for action under MPDA as well as MCOCA. Crackdown under the stringents Acts saw maintainance of law and order as well as dip in crime rate. Orange City witnessed total 787 crimes less than last year registered between January and November, 2019.

Nagpur police have sent 33 accused to jail under MPDA (Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities) Act i.e. 20 more compare to last year and slapped MCOCA 13 times as compared to 7 last year between January and November this year. The MPDA action of city police has topped in Maharashtra.

MCOCA was slapped on Little Sardar alias Shailedrasingh Lohiya and gang, Santosh Ambekar and gang, Rupendrasingh Balvindersingh Bakshi and gang, Sumit Ramesh Chintalwar and gang, Shekhu alias Gulnawaz Khan and gang, Waseem Sheik Naseem Shiek Maksood and gang, Nitesh Prakash Wankhede and gang, Mahendra alias Bunty Borkar, Abhay Namdevrao Raut and gang, Khushal alias Bhatti Rajurkar and gang, Swaroop Naresh Lokhande and gang, Vaibhav Ashok Tanelwar and gang and Vijay Ratna Nagdive and gang.

Between January and November 2018, the city registered total 3968 cases of robberies, house-breakings, vehicle lifting, dacoity, extortion, fraud and others while year 2019 observed remarkable drop of total 400 cases with 3568 cases for the exact same time.

Year 2019 (till Nov) registered drop of total 127 cases of assaults, compared to 1011 cases in 2018, 64 cases of illegal assembly compares to 144 cases in 2018 and 29 cases of attack on government employees as against 79 cases in 2018. However, with 486 offences the city saw the growth of total 26 cases under Indian Arms Act.

Though, the chain snatching incidents witnessed rise this year, the detection percentage of Nagpur Police was at peak this year compared to last 5 years.

With 150 cases of rapes, year 2019 (till Nov) registered the drop of 5 cases compared to last year. While the year 2019 also witnessed considerable drop of 57 cases of molestation for the same.

The gradual drop in murder cases from past couple of years, witnessed a worrisome change. In 2019 (till November) the crime registered 10 more cases compared to 72 cases of murders in year 2018 for the same time.

Targeting organized crime, “the key factor”: CP

According to Commissioner of Police (CP), Dr Bhushan Kumar Updhayay, targeting organized crimes and stern action against the gangsters are the key factors for the significant dip in crime rate.

“Since my tenure as CP, Nagpur Police have made 41 MPDA actions and also slapped MCOCA 13 times against the thriving organized crime. The drop in crime rate is the aftermath of this focused approach. By putting notorious gangsters behind the bars the cops first ensured safety for the society. This followed series of MCOCA action to clean the anti-social mess from the streets. This singularly paves the way for sharp decline in crimes between January and November, 2019.”

– Shubham Nagdeve