Published On : Wed, Dec 16th, 2020
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Starting an Online Casino in India with NuxGame

Arguably, the biggest challenge you would face with your potential online casino business in India is starting up itself. Once you can scale through, things become relatively easier over time.

However, you don’t have to break a sweat when you want to start your online casino in India. You can make use ofcasino software solutions. To get exactly what you want, you should make use of NuxGame. They render services that would relieve you of any stress of starting your online casino in India, and at the same time, your business would soar high above competitors.

NuxGame achieves this with their special solutions that you could choose to employ on your platform. Let us take a look at the products.

Seamless Wallet API

The Seamless Wallet API is the first of two products that you can use to start up your online casino in India. We would describe it as an economic variant of the two. So if you don’t have a large budget, it is best that you considered the Seamless Wallet API.

However, that does not change the fact that it also gets the job done. Within 48 hours, NuxGame would have this masterpiece set up for you, and it would be fully functional. While paying a close look at the option, we discovered that customers could play games with no additional requirements. Besides, launching it is not difficult. You have to contact NuxGame, discuss your term, they then get your platform.


Let us take a look at the advantages:

  • Free Demo Trial
  • Personal Manager
  • 48 Hours Startup Time
  • No setup fee
  • All In One Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence
  •  All-round Customer Care Services


Turnkey is the other option of the two products. It helps to build a perfect platform. Turnkey, on the other hand, when compared to the Seamless Wallet API, is not so economical. If you are looking to go all out on your online casino in India, this should be your option. The speed of the setup, coupled with the services’ quality, is amazing and hard to comprehend.

Turnkey also gives you a helping hand in terms of payment solutions. If you would also have to add a little of your adjustment, you can do a little personalization. Turnkey is simply the all in one package; it supports all of the major casino games.

Launching it is also relatively easy. All you have to do is contact NuxGame through their website, soon enough, you will discuss your terms with them. Once it is all sorted out, your platform is not far from being with you.

Here is a quick look at the benefits that it graces you with:

  • 24 Hours Customer Support
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Free Trial
  •  All in one Platform
  • 48 Hours of implementation
  • Amazon Cloud Infrastructure
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Setup Fee


Although NuxGame offers many more solutions and services, the ones listed above are limited to what they provide for those who want to open an online casino. Now that you are aware, nothing is stopping you. You have everything at your fingertips. Besides, you have little or no work to do in it; all you have to do is watch how it unfolds’. You should also note that NuxGame offers services for the start of online casinos; if you want to open sportsbooks, live betting platform, live casino, virtual betting solution, they are perfect for the job. The speed plus quality of delivery makes it look so easy. If, by chance, you still have your doubts about NuxGame at this point, head on to their official website and hop on the free trial. It would leave you craving for more.