Published On : Tue, Jul 14th, 2020

Standoff by officers on deputation surprising: Jammu Anand

Nagpur: Standoff between the officers (on deputation) and elected representatives has clearly brought out the fact that the entire Civic administration is being hold up by the officers on deputation. Representation made by the officers on deputation to the government asking that they be sent back to the parent organizations is a welcome step but surprised many. As if the representation was ready since long just waiting for a proper occasion and timing. What happened suddenly to take such an extreme strep by these officers at a time when they are enjoying the salary as recommended by the seventh pay commission. Few of the officers have even got the arears as well.

The sudden jump in the melee by the recognized union has also surprised many other unions. What prompted the union to take plunge in the issue so hurriedly, is it that they are eying on the forthcoming bank election. Whatever may be the reasons the ugly face of the civic administration has come to the fore. The entire civic administration is in the grip of officers on deputation thus send a signal that the regular officers are either second grade officers or incompetent officers. The fact of the administration is the regular officers are more experienced than any of the officer on deputation.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation Employees Union since long had taken a policy and principled stand that on the regular posts officers on deputation should not be called as it is not only bad practices but has demoralized effect on the regular officers. But it does not mean that union endorses the ill treatment on the part of the elected representatives. Every officer or employee deserves respect and decent behavior from the elected representatives.

But yesterday’s episode where the officers on deputation had shown extraordinary unity and made a representation to the government demanding to send them back to their parent organization has created eyebrows of many. Are they really hurt of the misbehavior by the ex-mayor Mr. Praveen Datke and feeling insecure or is it a handiwork of any senior official. Union suspect role of a senior officer who might be uncomfortable dealing with Mr. Datke used this opportunity to bring a unity amongst the officers on deputation and displayed show of strength.

Government should immediately call these officer back to their parent organization and direct the civic administration to carry on promotions and build the confidence of the local officers. The NMC employees union demands to the municipal commissioner Mr. Munde to award seventh pay commission to all the officers and employees of NMC and bring a parity of salary at the earliest or hold the salary of officer on deputation as per seventh pay commission. There cannot be two different yardsticks one for the regular officers and employees and other for the officers on deputation at a time both are being paid from the kitty of the NMC itself.