Published On : Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

Standing at the door of the train proves costly.

In a bizarre incident that took place near Nagpur railway station, a passenger was robbed near Nagpur railways station as he had come too take fresh air near the door of his train. Passenger indentified as Premraj Bastiwal Kerewal (65) a resident of Chennai was travelling in Jabulpur-Madras Express (TrainNo-12968) and was supposed to get down at Nagpur station. There was no platform available at that time and thus the train had to wait for the signal at the outer side of the entry towards the station.

Seeing the delay and also having travelled a long journey Premraj decided to go towards the door of the train to get some much needed air as he was completely tired with the journey. The moment he reached the door to take some fresh air that where some un-identified hooligans approached Premraj and at knife point snatched all the gold and money he was carrying.

The reason for Premraj to carry his luggage there was also because within some minutes the train would reach the station and he would have to get down there. They robbers robbed him of his gold chain and also stole Rs 24500 cash that he was carrying. Premraj later reached Nagpur station and reported the case to the RPF department.

Further investigations are still on in this matter.

By Tushar Muthal