Published On : Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

Ujwal Nikam says there is a hidden reason behind Kasab mercy plea

Terrorist Kasab has appealed for mercy plea from the Prime Minister of India. This particular didnt go well with Ujwal Nikam and he adrresed the media by sayin that there must be a definitive reason for such a plea.
Ujawal further added that the Prime minister must give his verdict fast. kasab tried to destroy the unity of the nation and he succeeded as 166 people were killed in that attack. terroist appealing for mercy plea should be taken under consideration. There has to be a proper law for that . Ujwal further said that kasab should be given the penalty and no mercy should be shown to him as this will set an example for all the people who think they can cause destruction in our country and appealed to Prime Minister to quickly give his verdict on the mercy plea given by Kasab as any delay will have a really bad effect on our country’s image and law system.