SSC results of NMC schools can no more lag behind! Time’s changed!!

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) managed schools in the city have always been looked down in terms of their poor performance in the SSC results. Several critical observations are made about their poor teaching and learning process, poor amenities and unhygienic class-rooms, etc.

The traditional outlook to NMC-run schools is that only poor class students study there, and even teaching faculty as well as educational facilities are not properly provided. The upper as well as lower middle class people never prefer NMC schools for their wards, and such schools are left only for the poor class citizens.

But, what a magic/ chamatkar to see this year’s SSC results of NMC school, some which have brought 100%, and most above 80%, and overall result is 88%! Does it not speak volumes of wonderful contribution made by the teachers, individual school managements, parents and of course their wards? From the current performance staged by the NMC schools this year, it may be guessed that the rising trend will be maintained henceforth.

Given below is the glimpse of praiseworthy performance in SSC: