Published On : Mon, Jun 8th, 2015

Rupal Sharma aspires to be a medical professional

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Rupal Sharma of Somalwar High School who scored 98.8% said that hard work and consistent studies alone helped her to succeed in SSC exams. Rupal is joint topper in division along with Rutuj Khobe and  Unnati Mamulkar

Rupal Sharma in conversation with Nagpur Today

Rupal Sharma in conversation with Nagpur Today

NT: Whom would you like to give the credit of your success?

Rupal: I want to give the entire credit of my success to my parents and teachers of our school.

NT: Did you follow any specific pattern or schedule for your studies?

Rupal: I did not follow any schedule or pattern for studies. I studied whatever I felt was important to me. However, I prefer to study late night studies since the entire world quietens down and when peace reigns making it fit for studies

NT: Was it your Dad or your Mom who helped you in your studies more?

Rupal Sharma

Rupal Sharma

Rupal: It was my Papa, who woke me up early in the mornings. My Dad also ensured that I get a steady supply of all those things that I required for my studies.

NT: What did you do to take out your mind from the hectic schedule?

Rupal: I listened to music to relieve myself from my tensions, stress and strain.

NT: Did you attend to any tuitions or tutorials?

Rupal: No I did not go to any tuition classes. I used the notes and study materials given by Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies (SAP).

NT: What is your advice to your juniors?

Rupal: Students should study consistently right from the first day of their school. She opined that self study is the best way to study.

NT: Are you active on the social network?

Rupal: No. I am not active in the social network. She also opined that students need not be active in Whatsapp or Facebook. They are the best ways of distractions.