Published On : Thu, Jul 4th, 2013
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Spanco gives shock after shock after shock to 75-year old cancer patient with Rs 12630 bill

Nagpur News: The “most-feared” Spanco (SNDL), already under radars,  shooting targets, a bull’s eye for ministers, MLAs, and above all the tormented consumers for issuing indiscriminately hiked amounts of power bills, flawed power meters, irregular electric supply and others, has now drawn the attention of MSEDCL Managing Director Ajay Mehta.

In the instant case, the Spanco had created a sort of record by sending a bill of massive amount of Rs 12,630 to a cancer patient Dhumeshwar Tukramji Raut (75), resident of  Plot No 76, Veerchakra Colony. The cancer-affected 75-year old Dhumeshwar was running from pillar to post to correct the wrong bill from Spanco authorities. The insensitive Spanco fisrt forcibly changed the power meter and replaced it with a faulty one in April 2013. The Spanco delivered the first shock to Dhumeshwar Raut by sending a bill of Rs 5540 in the very first month. Dhumeshwar, who never used power beyond 250 units, was rattled after noticing the amount.

The cancer patient Dhumeshwar filed a complaint with Spanco in this regard. The Spanco men checked his power meter and found the meter swinging fast and faulty. The Spanco men gave the report of the faulty meter to Dhumeshwar in writing. The SNDL changed Dhumeshwar’s power meter and asked him to pay Rs 3800 out of Rs 5540 and assured to correct the bill.

However, the second Spanco shock. The bill for the month of May was of Rs 7290 with inclusion of amount of faulty meter bill. This time also the 75-year old cancer patient Dhumeswar filed a fresh complaint with Spanco and clearly told them that it is not possible for him to pay the amount. He asked them to correct the bill. And the Spanco “corrected” the bill and sent the bill for the month of June with “correction.” Now, the “correct” figure of bill amount stood at Rs 12630. Brilliant Mathematics.

The 75-year old cancer patient Dhumeshwar Tukramji Raut was taking rounds and rounds of Spanco office since the past three months for justice. The unfortunate fact drew the attention of MSEDCL Managing Director Ajay Mehta. He immediately sought a word from Spanco over a hell of a condition the 75-year old cancer patient Dhumeshwar Tukramji Raut was pushed into by the utterly cruel Spanco. Now, at least, Dhumeshwar Tukramji Raut, could hope for a justice.

Minister Moghe warns Spanco to improve its rabid state of affairs or face firm action

 A few days ago, the Guardian Minister Shivajirao Moghe, taking a serious note of hundreds of complaints against Spanco like harassment of consumers by issuing hiked amounts of power bills, flawed power meters, irregular electric supply and others had warned the company to improve its state of affairs in order to provide smooth, regular power to consumers with appropriate amounts of bills or face a stringen action.

Moghe was speaking at the review meeting on Nagpur power supply front held at Ravi Bhavan. Minister of State for Power Rajendra Mulak, Nagpur MP Vilas Muttemwar, MLA Dinanath Padole, MLA Vikas Kumbhare and Corporators were present at the review meeting. Moghe said the private company Spanco was given contract to supply regular power to Nagpur city at appropriate tariff. Instead, the Spanco started harassing the consumers and he and other concerned top officials of Power Ministry received hundreds of complaints from affected consumers over haphazard amounts of bills, irregular power supply and faulty electric meters. This is very serious nature of state of affairs on the part of Spanco, Moghe asserted.

Minister of State for Power Rajendra Mulak said, other private companies like BEST, Tata, Reliance are providing their services to electricity consumers in an excellent way. However, after looking into hundreds of complaints against Spanco, the company has totally failed to serve Nagpur citizens in a better manner. It has become crystal clear after considering hundreds and hundreds of complaints lodged by the harassed consumers on various crucial issues, Mulak further said.

Mulak elaborated that Maharashtra Government has reached an agreement with the private company Spanco over supplying electricity to Nagpur citizens. If the company is found unsuccessful in providing power to consumers in the proper way on all related fronts, then the Government has the power to end the agreement with Spanco, Mulak said in a veiled threat to Spanco to improve its services or face the consequenses.