Published On : Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Soothing aura for sound sleep

Withings Aura
Having trouble sleeping? Well, good news, schluffy face! There’s a piece of connected technology that can help! There are plenty of activity trackers out there that will monitor your sleeping habits, but the Withings Aura is the only one that claims it can help you sleep (and wake-up) better.

The Aura uses a connected pad that you place under your mattress to monitor your sleep. Meanwhile, a separate bedside luminescent lamp soothes you to sleep with melatonin-inhibiting “narrow band” red light and then wakes you up with “narrow band” blue light.

Rather than waking you up at an exact time, you schedule the Aura to wake you up in a specific window, so it won’t rouse you from your deepest sleep.