Published On : Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Winter-Session in Nagpur

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: The winter season has set in and the woolen cloths, sweaters, jackets, mufflers, caps etc have emerged out of the cabinets and boxes. The citizens are slowly gearing up for the cold winter season.

The city administration too is gearing up for the Winter Session of the Parliament. While the roads are getting repaired, road-dividers are painted, directional bars are painted, trees and shrubs are cut and made to size. Fresh vegetation is planted on road dividers, all the bungalows of the Ministers, MLAs etc are painted and cleaned, new linen and furnishings are installed. However, all this is restrained to Civil Lines area which span from Japanese Garden to Liberty Talkies to LIC Square to Kasturchand Park to RBI Square to Moris T-Point, to Bhavan School to YWCA Hostel or FCI Godown to Maharajbagh Square to Law College Square to Japanese Garden Square.

nagpurR (1)One look at other areas which include Ghat Road, Ring Road, Bajaj Nagar to Ramdaspeth Road, Alankar Square to Jhansi Rani Square etc, and the craters on the road is enough to cause accidents on its own or worst come break the shock-ups or springs of the vehicles. With poor lightings at many places many two-wheelers (especially with smaller wheel base) can certainly fall down after traversing these craters.

Unrepaired hole on Alankar Talkies Square 

Even after so many months no concrete action on the spot where road caved in Alankar Square 

nagpurR (2)Is this apathy and negligence or insensitivity of Nagpur Municipal Corporation to the road users?  The road near Alankar Talkies Square had caved in on June 26, 2015. The traffic and the smooth movement of vehicles too got affected because of the road caving in. The road users who are coming from Central Mall and wanting to take a left turn will have to wait till the signal turns green and use the main road to turn left.

All that the authorities of Nagpur Municipal Corporation have done so far is to erect barricades around the crater to prevent any untoward incident from occurring.

Nagpur Today had carried a news about this titled “NMC’s negligence and apathy comes to fore as road caves in creating a crater of 22 feet”.

It is learnt that some feet below the spot, a gutter line which is passing through has got dilapidated and finally broken. The officials have attempted to repair the crater by putting a cement rings around the hole.

nagpurR (3)Sources claimed that there must have been a well long time back which was filled with mud instead of boulders. The water which is accumulating inside the hole is either from some water fountain or it could be the gutter water that is filling the hole. Even after five months, nothing concrete has been done to sever the water inlet to the spot so that the hole or crater could be effectively sealed and road constructed over the spot. How long are the citizens using the North Ambazhari road and those using the VIP road have to suffer because of the insensitivity of the NMC.

nagpurR (1)
Many stones and cement blocks used 
in road dividers lying on road unattended

One such stones are lying on the road near Bhole Petrol Pump Square on Traffic Park Road to Bhole Petrol Pump. Anyone traveling fast especially during night hours will certainly face fatal mishaps.