Published On : Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

SNDL wishes ‘safe Diwali’ for its consumers in the city

Nagpur: Diwali, the festival of lights has already begun. This is one festival that has an amazing quality of not just brightening our lives but making it more interesting with the festivities associated with it. However, it is always good to practice a little precaution that can add more sparkle to this festival. SNDL Nagpur, hereby shares few safety tips for its consumers to ensure that they have a safe and ‘bright’ Diwali:

1. Do not overload an electric socket with lots of lights as this can lead to many problems – from as simple as power outage due to short circuit and as big as spreading large scale fire.

2. When installing lot of lights, it is always better to get the lighting done through a licensed electrician and replacing the burnt or faulty sockets and switches. Also, avoid open joints in cables and wires.

3. Do NOT explode crackers in crunched spaces. Keep safe distance from electric poles, meters, transformers, service wires etc. Special attention must be given in case of flying crackers and crackers which impact large areas.

4. Do not opt for hooking as this may lead to fatal accidents. Go for legal temporary service connection instead for any social gathering during the Diwali.

5. In case of any electricity-related emergency, call 24×7 toll free helpline number of SNDL. Experts say that emergencies are uncertain and can happen to anyone and any point of time. A bit of negligence could lead to fatal consequences. Every year, various festivals see a considerable number of burnt emergencies, trauma, power outages due to negligent practices in electricity consumption. This can slow down our enthusiasm of enjoying the festival. In the larger interest of the society, SNDL would like to spread this message of having a safe and ‘bright’ Diwali.