Smart parking for Smart City; NMC to prepare master plan with Nagpur Metro in mind!

Nagpur: As the Chief Minister on Friday announced inclusion of Nagpur in Central Government’s ambitious Smart City project, all eyes are rested on each and every development in line to achieving the status. A glimpse of this development was evident in the Friday meet of Standing Committee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). The committee approved the parking master plan for the city. In its pursuit of becoming a smart city, NMC is also focusing to make its traffic management smart. Accordingly, schemes are being formulated to make a proper parking policy and a parking master plan.

The parking master plan will be prepared keeping in view the Metro Rail Project and the expected new 1,250 buses in Nagpur city.

According to information, the Standing Committee of NMC has approved the proposal of Urban Mass Transit Company Limited (UMTC). As a technical consultant for the project, UMTC will be paid Rs 5 lakh for short term improvement parking plan and Rs 55.11 lakh for parking policy and master plan preparation. NMC and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) will be jointly sharing the fees that will be paid to the consultant.

Chairman of Standing Committee Ramesh Singare informed that the proposal was made keeping in view the short term parking policy. However, it will also consider long term basis also. The parking plan for Metro Rail corridor is very important here. That is why the parking policy and master plan is being prepared as per the smart city scheme and Nagpur Metro Rail. Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya has given a proposal to NMC to operate four ladies toilets in the city. The Standing Committee has approved the proposal of the Rotary club. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be for three years.

The club has been given the responsibility to manage and maintain these toilets. NMC will facilitate the electricity and water facility there. This will be on experimental basis.

The proposal for toilets are at Variety square, Panchsheel chowk, Itwari and Gokulpeth Market.