Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

Slow Move of Postal Department: Only 2 ATMs opened in 5 years


Nagpur: Despite all efforts to update the functioning of Post and Telegraph Department, under the Union Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, there seems to be no much progress in the functioning of department, which is known for its snail’s speed. Various newer schemes are launched but the P&T department is unable to attract people. During past few years the department is becoming hightech and has even installed its ATMs, yet the department is showing less progress. The department has been able to install only 2 ATMs during past 5 years in the city. One of the reasons is that if the number of ATMs is less, it cannot attract public transactions as desired. Only 100 customers are found to be using P&T ATMs in the city.

In the first phase, the P&T department had a plan to install as many as 13 ATMs in Vidarbha including Nagpur, but it could install only 2 ATms in the city, one at GPO and the other at Itwari post office. And, up till now only 100 customers are found to be usini them. One of the main reasons of low operation of postal ATMs is that customers want ATMs in their localities so that they become easily accessible to them. Moreover there are other ATMs in sufficient number in each locality, so customers use them to their convenience.

The Central government did intend to popularise the P&T department and also got ATMs opened so that more and more people might remain linked to P&T department. Last year, when the GPO ATM was started, only 50 customers were issued ATM cards, soon after this, 50 more customers were issued ATM cards. In this way only 100 ATM cards are in circulation. The P&T department thereafter did not issue maximum number of ATM cards for money transactions.
GPO and Itwari post office are major postal offices, and there are 64 post offices in addition to them in the city. The P&T department has a plan to install ATMs in Kamptee, Wardha, Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, Bhandara, Gondia, Yavatmal, Amravati, Paratwada, Akola, Buldhana and Khamgaon as well.

Citizens less interested
Those who are in possession of P&T ATM cards are not showing interest in using them, for they are habituated to use other ATM cards which they are in possession of before postal ATM cards. As the postal ATMs are only at two places in the city, the customers prefer using their nearest ATM.

New ATMs not opened during past one year
According to sources attached to Post Master General, Vidarbha region, it is only Nagpur in Vidarbha where postal ATMs are installed, and they will be installed in other places too, as places have been selected and plan approved, and also core-banking is under process. For the time being there is no core-banking in P&T department. If ATM is to be given to any new person, the necessary permission is required to be sought from headquarters. New ATMs have not been opened during past one year, added the sources.

Postal letters are minimized due to social media
When the social media had not become popular, the postal letters played significant role of communication. But, now no one bothers about writing/ sending letters, making registries, sending money orders, for all these have been replaced by whats-app, mobile, SMS, MMS and online transfer of money, e-money order. Only benefit that cannot be denied is that post office pays more rate of interest than that is given by bank.
My stamp scheme

In order to increase its revenue, the postal department has launched my stamp scheme, under which one has to obtain written permission for using the photo by signing the stamped document. A ticket sheet containing 12 photo-stamps costs Rs 300. It is much different of earlier stamps released in the names of leaders or religious personalities.