Published On : Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Sleep your way to beauty and health!

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It is common sense that we all need adequate sleep. Yet, statistics show that we just aren’t getting it. For some, the idea of ever getting a solid night of uninterrupted sleep again may sound wonderful, but unrealistic. Some of the excuses are insomnia, sleep disturbances, or simply not enough time.

Sleep is a hormone dependent process, and with all the variables in our lives that can affect proper hormone balance (foods, toxins, artificial light, etc) it makes sense that many people struggle with sleep. This is also why times when hormonal change often has a negative effect on sleep (menopause, puberty, pregnancy, etc).

While mainstream thinking might recommend a pharmaceutical option to help deal with sleep issues, artificially augmenting the hormone system to induce sleep isn’t without its problems (just check out the side-effects and warnings list!) and can have an impact on other hormone functions as well.

Often, lack of quality sleep stems from one or more lifestyle causes, and it is important to address these underlying issues as they can impact more than just sleep.

Understanding Sleep Cycles:

Of course, not all sleep is created equal. There are several stages of sleep that the body cycles through during the night:

  1. N1-This is the stage when you feel half asleep and still have some awareness of your surroundings. This is also the stage where you involuntarily jerk or kick.
  2. N2-Slightly deeper stage of sleep. You actually spend about half of your sleeping hours in this stage.
  3. N3– Deep slow sleep where your core temperature has dropped and your melatonin production is going strong. N3 cycles you into the most “productive” of the sleep cycles…
  4. REM– Rapid Eye Movement sleep is when most dreaming occurs. In REM, muscles completely relax and the mind and body regenerate at an amazing rate. Only about a quarter of your daily sleep is in REM but it is vitally important.

Now comes how to ensure you change into a healthy sleeping habit or make sure you sleep better:

  1. You can take supplements to ensure better sleep, supplements like Magnesium, Quality Omega 3S and also Gelatin helps in ensuring that you fall into the healthy sleeping pattern.
  2. Eat a high protein/high fat snack a few hours before bed (7pm or earlier) or consume a lot at dinner.
  3. Avoid caffeine after 1 pm.
  4. Drink enough water during the day and stop drinking about 2 hours before bed so you don’t have to wake up to use the bathroom.
  5. Take a soothing salt bath about an hour before bed with some relaxing music or a great book.
  6. Dry Brush a few hours before bed.
  7. Pray, meditate or find a way to reduce stress.

In the end i would just implore you please make time to get enough sleep!! It is tremendously important for your health and it doesn’t cost anything! If you want to get into a healthy lifestyle you have to start with the basics and how refreshed you wake up is the key to everything. So take my advice and try to get a good, healthy sleeping pattern in place.