Published On : Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

Sivamani has a Nagpur Connection called Music!

On the second day of Nagpur Mahotsav, Nagpur Today gets to meet India’s great percussionist Sivamani right before his performance. Following are excerpts from the respected artist’s hearty tete’- a- tete’ with Yash Raj. Trivedi.

Nagpur Today: Good Evening, Sivamani. Welcome to Nagpur!
Sivamani: Hello Nagpur!!!Last time when I came I played with A R Rahman so ….ready for some great music.
Nagpur Today: You were seven when you started playing so how has been journey since!!!
Sivamani: My age is 16 at heart my music is 16 and my outside body is 53 but my soul is 16.
Nagpur Today: We all know you can beat from everything so is there some which has no beat?
Sivamani: I think everything has beat has rhythm and so is life.
Nagpur Today: When I say the name “A R Rahman”, what comes to your mind?
Sivamani: A R Rahman is blessed to us he is a genius and has a lot of vision to introduce new singers, musicians and has a great knowledge of music & stage.
Nagpur Today: They say Sivamani does magic on stage. So what keeps you going??
Sivamani: Once I touch my instrument, I get so involved that I forget I have ten, hundred or thousand people in front of me.
Nagpur Today: Your most memorable event?
Sivamani: It’s not one, its three!!! When I played with my Guru Billy Goblin, when APJ Abdul Kalam played with me in Rashtrapati Bhavan and the third is when I played in front of African President Nelson Mandela.
Nagpur Today: Siva, what’s your Nagpur connect?
Sivamani: It’s a beautiful connection called music.
Nagpur Today: Message to music lovers

Sivamani: Keep listening to good music, be light and you will always shine bright.

–        ­ Yash Raj. Trivedi