Siemens Mobility Nagpur Metro observes ‘Road Safety Week’

Nagpur: Siemens Mobility Nagpur Metro conducted awareness program on Thursday to mark ‘Road Safety Week’ which was observed from January 11 to 17, 2020.

A rally by staff and workmen highlighted the road safety rules. The staff displayed slogans and placards to make general public aware of these rules. A large number of people gave good response to the rally and spread the message on road safety.

The Siemens Mobility Nagpur Metro staff also conducted a ‘Yamraj Act’. In two to three instances, Yama sat behind a bike rider without helmet to convey the road safety message — if you do not follow traffic rules, Yama is right behind you to take away your life. Therefore, follow rules, save your and others life.

The enthusiastic public participants were gifted helmets and roses with sweets.

The importance of Road Safety Week can be gauged from the fact that over 1.51 lakh people lose their lives every year in our country in road accidents and many more are debilitated. This causes immense economic hardship and emotional trauma in their families. There is an urgent need to make our roads safer as the loss of lives and limbs cannot be accepted as the price of mobility.

The Central and the State Governments have been implementing various measures to make roads safer. But the magnitude and gravity of the problem are such that these alone will not suffice. There is a need for the society at large to take cognizance of the issue and to join hands to make road safety a social movement.