Published On : Tue, Oct 13th, 2020

SHRC summons Nagpur CP Kumar, in woman lawyer manhandled at Lakadganj Police Station case

Nagpur: The State Human Right Commission (SHRC) has summoned Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar to be personally present before the commission on October 27 at 11 am in the matter of woman lawyer who was allegedly manhandled and harassed at Lakadganj Police Station on March 25, 2020.

The notification issued by the SHRC has summoned the Top Cop to appear before the commission at Court Room No. 2, Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission, Opp. CST Railway Station, Mumbai.

Earlier this month, a video of woman being manhandled by female constables inside a police station had gone viral. The video was from Lakadganj police Station and dates back to March 25, 2020. While the woman, an advocate by profession and an RTI activist, Ankita Kamlesh Shah has levelled up allegations of harassment and thrashing against Lakadganj cops while Senior Police Inspector, Lakadganj, Narendra Hiware defended the police action, saying that the woman was illegally filming inside the police station and in the process of asking her to stop she was manhandled by female cops.

Following this incident, The District Bar Association, Nagpur condemned the high handedness, illegal and irresponsible handling of the Lakadganj Police authorities in general and towards Adv. Shah and gave gave representation to Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar demanding probe and penal action against erring police officials of Lakadganj Police Station.