Published On : Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

Shocking : Gambling den being run right under NMC Commissioner’s nose

Gambling den
Nagpur: At a time when Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is crying over scarcity of finance and has been putting on hold every proposal of development works being presented by ruling party corporators, its employees are betting big moolah at the gambling den. Shockingly, this gambling den is being operated right under the nose of NMC Commissioner’s Office. Having said that, we literally mean right under the nose, as the basement area of NMC Commissioner office has become notorious for daily ‘table show’ – a term used for gambling.

In the dark of parking lot…
When Nagpur Today correspondent followed up on the information given by one of the ruling party corporators, he witnessed the entire murky game right in front of his eyes. In the parking lot at the basement of NMC Commissioner’s office, the car drivers along with few NMC employees have developed a secret place where the table show is held every day. Nagpur Today also witnessed the ‘table show’ where currency notes with denomination of Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 500 were scattered across the table and gamblers were busy placing their odds.

Win or Lose!
While one of the gamblers informed that over 4 dozen people hit at the spot everyday to try their luck in gambling. While some end up losing all their money, few lucky ones go home with fully loaded pockets.

Crime turns commercial

The gambling den which has been running for over couple of months has been started by the drivers of private vehicles which are parked here for official purpose. Gradually the place turned full commercial gambling spot where the stakes reach thousands of rupees. What was started as a hobby for the people visiting here has now turned into addiction.

Earnings run dry
Ironically, the NMC employees along with drivers are betting their hard earned money into this dark game of addiction and end up losing their earnings.