Published On : Tue, May 10th, 2016

Shocking : Daughter-in-law of high profile family in Nagpur alleges dowry, sexual harassment

In-laws, hubby deny claims; say her mental health not well

doweryNagpur: A 20 year old woman who was married last year into a high profile Punjabi family in Civil Lines area of Nagpur has alleged mental and physical harassment from her husband and in-laws, for the want of dowry. She has also complained sexual advancement against her brother-in-law and also charged her husband of indulging in unnatural sex with her. However her in-laws including her husband vehemently rubbished the claims alleging her mental state behind her abrupt behavior. They also claimed that the girl has the tendency to commit suicide as she had tried to slit her hands before marriage and also she has been suffering from epilepsy since childhood.

The woman in question Sharlyn Kaur (name changed), 20, who made these startling revelations against her husband and inlaws in her written complaint to various Gurudwara committees of Nagpur, is reportedly recuperating from stress and mental agony at her parents’ home at Kapil Nagar square on Nari road. However she has not approached police station yet, but sought help from Gurudwara committees of Nagpur.

In her written complaint to Gurudwara Managing Committee, a copy of which is in possession of Nagpur Today, Sharlyn has narrated her ordeal. She was married on July 31, 2015 in Goa with Hardeep Singh Arora, resident of Heritage Apartment near MLA Hostel in Civil Lines. She alleged that everything went well till 2 months until her husband and in-laws including father-in-law Tejpal Singh Arora, 60, mother-in-law Ajinder Kaur, 55, brother-in-law Sandeep Singh Arora, 32 and his wife (sister-in-law) Isha Arora, 28, started pressing her to bring dowry from her home.

In her letter, Sharlyn claimed that she was given 65 tolas (650 gms) of gold and 70 tolas (700 gms) of silver from her parents at the time of her wedding, apart from many other articles as gift. Later, she alleged, her in laws used to eat outside and started bothering her for bringing more money from her home. Even her husband also took side of his parents and brother, she alleged.

She further narrated that things got worse one day when her husband Hardeep was not in Nagpur and taking advantage of the situation his elder brother Sandeep tried to force himself upon her and molested her. When she told her husband about this, he tried to pacify the situation and asked her to take it easy. Over stressed with routine course of harassment, she left her husband’s house on December 30, 2015 and went back to her parents. Later her husband used to see her in social and community functions and asked her to mend the things.

She alleged that upon frequent insistence from Hardeep and her parents, she decided to give their marriage another chance. However, Hardeep bought some time as he excused that his parents might not accept her at the moment. Meanwhile, he proposed to go to Bangkok with her. She said that in the hope of getting some way out she agreed to do so and they went to Bangkok on April 24, 2016.

The woman alleged that after spending 3 days in Bangkok, Hardeep started abusing her in the hotel room and even indulged in unnatural sex with her. She then managed to call her father back home who suggested her to keep calm and come down to Hyderabad from where they would pick her up. Later the couple reached Mumbai on April 30 2016.

She mentioned that Hardeep took cash and diamond jewellery from her at Mumbai airport and fled. She then left for Hyderabad as she was already having her boarding pass. From Hyderabad her parents took her to Nagpur at their house. She alleged that she was yet to recover from the mental trauma.

Meanwhile, her father had lodged police complaint against Hardeep at Zaripatka police station. The girl has sought justice in her case from Gurudwara committees.

Hubby, Brother in law refutes charges

When Nagpur Today contacted Sharlyn’s husband Hardeep, he refuted his wife’s claims saying the girl was suffering from mental condition since the age of 12 and also her epilepsy and true nature surfaced after marriage. “You can check her arms and notice cut marks which she inflicted herself as she was not of stable mind. She started developing fits after marriage and it was then that they discovered the girl’s illness. “Despite knowing all these things I took the things into my stride and got her to the doctors since she was my legally wedded wife. I took her to multiple doctors including neurophysicians and orthopaedics as she was also suffering from the neck problem,” he informed.

Hardeep also presented some medical reports and prescriptions of his wife in support of his claim. He alleged that her parents were too interfering in nature and they just wanted the money. “Every second day her parents used to come to my home and when things started getting into my mind, they countered and argued with me. They also threatened me to give a fake acceptance that I had asked for dowry and would not repeat the things in future. They said that if I would not do so they would file for divorce,” he told Nagpur Today.

Hardeep also told that a larger part of his wedding expenses incurred in Goa was borne by him and that he also took Sharlyn to Mauritius after their wedding. “I had visited 7-8 doctors and also interacted with AIIMS in New Delhi about her health condition. If this was the case as she alleged, then why would I be so concerned about her,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nagpur Today also spoke to Hardeep’s elder brother Sandeep Singh Arora against whom the woman alleged sexual advancement. “Everybody in the city knows about the reputation of our family and we do not want any media trial in the case. We had already filed for divorce in March 2016 and the entire game plan being hatched by her father is just to squeeze out money from us,” he said.