Published On : Sat, Jun 9th, 2018

Sharman Joshi to leave Nagpur in splits through his comedy play

Round Table India through it’s chapter Nagpur Round Table 83 is organising the Sharman Joshi’s Superhit Hindi Comedy Play Raju Raja Ram aur Main on June 24, 2018 at Suresh Bhatt Auditorium. The play is about Madan Sukhnandani, an industrialist who catches his second wife red-handed with her lover. The lover is none other than Sukhnandani’s PA. With tempers running high, the husband falls prey to the cheating wife and he gets murdered. While the corpse is hidden, an imposter is brought in to get the property willed to the wife. But this plan also falls

flat. Sukhnandani has several undated wills in circulation, and which are in the possession of his daughter and other relatives. As many as three look alikes of Sukhnandani appear on the scene. Confusion ensues but justice is done

Nagpurians are eagerly waiting for this curiosity-inducing play.
Round Table India is a national body of young people between the age of 18 to 40 driven by its aims and objects of Community Service, Self-development, Fellowship and fostering International Relations, trying to do their bit in making the world a better place.

The Round Table’s long-term project is “Freedom Through Education” building schools across the country to help children have access to education in a healthy and proper environment. So far we have raised funds to the tune of Rs. 212.37 crore, built 5736 classrooms in 2371 projects benefiting 6.30 million children and continues to strive and achieve for a literate India. Round Table India is one of the highest social contributors in India with contribution in the excess of Rs 50,000 per member.

Events like the Sharman Joshi Play help us raise funds for our various social initiatives. Apart from such fundraisers, funds for our projects are raised through personal contributions and by tapping our individual contacts. We have MNCs like P&G, Bajaj Auto, Coca Cola, and various Indian corporates who have supported us through the years.
Those interested in taking part in the play can contact on +91 9325895506 or book Online at BookMyShow.