Published On : Fri, Apr 16th, 2021

Shame: Hingna hospital refuses to hand over woman’s body over Rs 2.50 lakh bill

Nagpur: An incident that put humanity to shame has come to the fore in a Hingna-based Gaikwad Hospital. The hospital management crossed all the limits of humanity when it refused to hand over the body of an old woman unless the relatives paid the bill of Rs 2.50 lakh. The hospital authorities did not release the body and kept it for 30 hours in the hospital.

A Deonagar resident Nirmala Shende (65) was admitted to the Hingna-based Gaikwad Hospital after she was infected with Covid-19. Son of the old woman runs a paan thela. At the time of admission, the Director of the hospital had said that treatment will cost Rs 1 lakh. However, the woman died during treatment around 11.15 am on Thursday, April 15. When relatives of the deceased demanded her body, the hospital issued a bill of Rs 2.50 lakh to them. When the relatives confronted the hospital over the hefty bill, the hospital authorities refused to release the body unless the full bill of Rs 2.50 was cleared. When the son of the deceased expressed his inability to pay the bill, the hospital kept the body for 30 hours and has reportedly still not handed it over to relatives.

On being informed about the shameful incident, the Secretary of State Congress Minority Cell Salim Khan phoned the Director of Gaikwad Hospital. However, the Director bluntly told Salim Khan that the relatives will have to pay the bill in full. The Director further said that the relatives had agreed to pay any amount for the treatment of the old woman. At the most, a discount of Rs 10,000 will be extended, the Director said and provoked the relatives to talk to the District Collection in this regard.

Later, Salim Khan met the District Collector and apprised him about the incident. The District Collector in turn said that he can reduce the bill by Rs 25,000 and advised Khan to meet Tehsildar. When Khan met the Tehsildar, he told him that even when his relatives were admitted in hospitals, he had paid the full bill. In sum, the District Collector and Tehsildar could not extend any help to the helpless relatives of the dead woman.