Published On : Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Shah Rukh Khan, Milkha Singh and Mary Kom inspire: Barack Obama

New Delhi.

US President Barack obama on the final day of his india gave a speech on “India and America”. Around 2000 people, mostly youth, were present to hear Obama at the Siri Fort auditorium.





11:36 am: And we are proud to be your friend and partner as you build the country of your dreams. Jai Hind: Obama.

11:34 am: As Americans, we believe in the promise of India. We believe in the people of India: Obama.

11:33 am: On our last visit here, we visited Humayun’s Tomb. We met some of the laborers who are the backbone of this nation’s progress: Obama.

11:32 am: Indians and Americans are some of the hardest working people on earth: Obama.

11:31 am: Shah Rukh Khan, Milkha Singh and Mary Kom inspire: Barack Obama.

11:30 am: Across our two great countries we have Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists and Jains and so many faiths: Obama.

11:29 am: Every woman should be able to go about her day and be safe and be treated with the respect and dignity that she deserves India: Obama

11:28 am: Every girl’s life matters. Every daughter deserves the same chance as our sons: Obama.

11:27 am: When women are able to work, families are healthier, communities are wealthier and entire countries are more prosperous India: Obama.

11:26 am: We know from experience that nations are more successful when their women are successful India: Obama.

11:25 am: Young women today are part of new generation making your voice heard, standing up, determined to play your part in India’s progress: Obama.

11:24 am: Indian women have shown that they can succeed in every field India: Obama.
11:23 am: Here in India, it’s the wives and mothers who so often hold families and communities together: Obama.

11:22 am: In the US, we are still working to make sure women and girls have all the opportunities they deserve, and that they’re treated equally: Obama.

11:21 am: We live in countries where a grandson of a cook can become President and son of a tea-seller can become PM : President Obama.

11:18 am: We appreciate India’s effort for generating more clean energy: Obama.

11:15 am: We would want a United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member: Obama.

11:14 am: A world without nuclear weapons, that should be the goal for us: Obama.

11:13 am: US welcomes greater role for India in the Asia Pacific: Obama.

11:12 am: America wants to be your partner as you lift up the lives of the Indian people: Obama.

11:11 am: They make America stronger and tie us together-bonds of family and friendship-that allow us to share in each other’s success: Obama.

11:10 am: The US has the largest Indian Diaspora in the world, including some three million proud Indian-Americans: Obama.

11:09 am: For we may have different histories and speak different languages, but when we look at each other, we see a reflection of ourselves: Obama.

11:08 am: When Martin Luther King Jr. was protesting racial segregation in America he said his “guiding light” was Mahatma Gandhi: Obama.

11:07 am: We are one of the few nations who have gone both to the moon and Mars: Obama.

11:06 am: Last time we celebrate festival of lights in Mumbai, danced with some children. Unfortunately we couldn’t arrange dancing this time: Obama.

11:05 am: Relationship between US-India can be one of the defining partnerships of the century: US President Barack Obama.

11:04 am: To the people of India watching and listening across this vast nation- I bring the friendship and the greetings of the American people.

11:04 am: Thank you so much for welcoming us back to India: President Obama.

11:03 am: Barack Obama begins his address at Siri Fort auditorium.