Published On : Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Republic day programme: CISF personal in Nagpur demonstrate their skills

NNagpur: CISF demonstration has been organized at the Parade ground of CISF unit line from 08.45 hrs to 09.45 hrs on the eve of Republic day 2015.  A Parade cum Mock drills were organised in the ground of CISF parade ground in the able command of Inspector/Executive Anil Kumar Singh.

NTotal six events were organized by CISF troopers which were enjoyed by large gathering of staff and family members of all the department working at the airport. The attraction of the crowd was dog show in which the appreciated one was the detection of explosive, when a suspected man is trying to carry it inside the airport.

CISF (Airport Security Group, Nagpur) showed their professional ability in all the spheres of forces. Items of drill were.

  1. Reflex Shooting
  2. Silence drill
  3. Dog Show
  4. Ambush
  5. Karva Maga
  6. Attack on VIP

On this occasion mainly P.Anil Kumar, CEO MIL Nagpur, Manish Kumar, Airport Director Airport Authority of India Nagpur,  Sudhir Kumar, Deputy Commandant CISF (Airport Security Group, Nagpur), Anil Malghade, Assistant Commandant CISF (Airport Security Group ,Nagpur),J K Tiwari Inspector/Executive CISF (Airport Security Group ,Nagpur),  Bhupendra Singh Inspector/Executive CISF (Airport Security Group , Nagpur) were present there.

NWhile delivering the speech  Sudhir Kumar, Deputy Commandant CISF emphasized “about the role of CISF as Airport Security Group at Nagpur Airport” .Further he said that CISF is doing wonderful duties at airport as a result of which there had been appreciation from all section of people .In recent years, CISF has evolved as people friendly force and it has properly maintain its motto “Protection and security “with smile on face. Recently CISF (Airport Security Group) has emphasized on training of its manpower so that any type of eventuality can be handled at Airport.

Following events have been demonstrated during the function.

  1. Reflex Shooting: In this event it is  shown that during the warfare different positions may be taken by Forces to fight with terrorist . It is also shown that weapon handling may be done with blind eye which may be useful to handle the weapon during night or in poor visibility. It is also shown that how the weapon may be handled by Single hand. This drill increases the capacity and enhances the tactics to counter the terrorist attack at the airport.
  2. Silence drill: During the event it is shown that how the team of force can work without any command and by self coordination .This drill enhances the level of discipline and uniformity  among the team in the  force.
  3. Dog Show: During the event, following things were  shown


  •  How the sniffer dog can do parade with or without ledge (rope).
  • How the sniffer dog obeyed the order of his master or handler only.
  • How the sniffer dog can trace the unidentified threat from unknown person like detection of explosive samples hidden in the body of person which can be used to detect any type of explosive hidden/kept at Airport premises.
  • How the sniffer dog can cross the obstacles like jumping over the different height obstacles.


  1. Ambush: During the event, it is shown that how the terrorist attack  can be neutralized at Airport .
  2. Karva Maga : During this event it is shown that how a CISF Commando can do his defence or seizes the motion of criminal  or  counter the  attack of terrorist  with the help of this art.
  3. Attack on VIP: During the event, it is shown that if sudden attack will be occurred on the VIP, how their personnel security officers can counter the attack and  get success to keep safe the VIP . This exercise becomes very useful during any type of terrorist attack to keep safe the travelling passengers at the Airports.