Published On : Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Seeing Mom left at platform, teenage girl jumped off from train

OMG stampNagpur News : A 16-yer-old girl from Kachipura had a close shave to death after she jumped off from Gondwana Express as her mother could not board the train. The incident took place at platform no.4, central railway station on Wednesday afternoon.  However, despite of the risk, Bhumeshwari Salame survived and has sustained minor injuries. She was discharged from Mayo hospital after preliminary treatment.

Salame along with her mother had bought general tickets for Bhopal to attend a cousin’s reception party.

While the train arrived, Salame boarded the general department but due to heavy rush, her mother Meena failed to do so. The train gained speed while Meena remained at platform. Seeing her mother left at platform, Salame leapt from the speeding train. However, though she fell with a jerk, she sustained minor injuries.