Published On : Sat, Nov 2nd, 2013

Schools in State heave a sigh of relief as Govt to appoint 74,310 non-teaching employees

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In a significant decision that will provide the much needed relief to thousands of schools in State, the Maharashtra Government has decided to appoint 74,310 non-teaching employees in the Government recognized, private and granted schools. A total of 20,455 schools out of over 1 lakh are recognized by the Government wherein the process for appointing the non-teaching staff has already begun.


The Shikshak Bharti and Maharashtra Rajya Kruti Samiti, under the leadership of MLA Kapil Patil, had drawn the attention of Maharashtra Government towards the burning problem of shortage of non-teaching employees in the days of RTE. Patil had argued that without adequate number of non-teaching staff, providing of all facilities to students under the Right to Education was not possible. The Maharashtra Government, too, saw the rationale behind the argument and subsequently decided to appoint 74,310 non-teaching employees in the schools. The positive Government move has been hailed by the City President of Shikshak Bharti Sapan Nehrotra, Prof Dilip Tadas, Prof Sanjay Khedikar, Prof Rajendra Zade, Prof Kishore Varbhe, Prof Sanjay Mehurkare, Prof Valmik Ramteke and others.


According to Government directives, the appointments would be made in accordance with the number of students like temporary librarian for students from 500 to 1000, regular librarian for students                from 1000 to above. Previously, the regular librarian was appointed for 500 students. A post of Laboratory Assistant has been sanctioned. Similarly, the number of Class IV employee post for 200 students would be one, two posts for students from 201 to 400, three posts for students from 401 to 600, four posts for students from 601 to 800, five posts for students from 801 to 1200, six posts for students from 1201 to 1600 and seven posts for students above 1601. The posts of peons would not be increased in accordance with the rules of RTE even though the number of students is on the higher side.


The students and teachers were forced to perform duties of non-teaching employees in their absence like ringing of the bell, classes and toilets were not cleaned, no timely salaries were paid to teachers, parents faced problems during remittance of fees and the works of clerks were done by the teachers most of the time thus neglecting the education.

· Post                                  Number

· Clerks                          22,191

· Librarian                       4,905

· Lab Assistant               7,933

· Class IV staff               39,281