Published On : Sat, Jan 4th, 2014

School students invent very useful equipment for every civic body

Slug: Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology hosts “NCOAT-NIRMITI-2014

DSC_3672Nagpur Today: The innovative, creative talents and capacities of students was evident in the creations and inventions that were displayed as models in the Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology hosts “NCOAT-NIRMITI-2014. Some of the important and very appealing inventions that caught the eye are explained herewith.

The students of Yashoda Public Higher Secondary School have invented a crematorium that is run on solar power. If commercially made, this could save any civic body across the country a sizeable amount which is otherwise spent on diesel or electricity. The Diesel crematorium requires 22 litres fuel costing around Rs 1,000 per body, while the Electric Crematoriums use around 120 Kv for burning up a dead body. What the students have created could revolutionize the concept of environment-friendly cremation. This could save power, diesel, wood and all other paraphernalia used to cremate the dead.

The model named as Solar Crematorium that they have created has solar panels, back-up batteries and a circuit that enables the process of cremation. What appealed to all the guests, judges and the onlookers was that this is a very viable project that can be commercially made and set-up by every civic body. The Judge and the chief guest HoD of Chemistry, Government Institute of Science Dr Rashmi Bhatra said that if only the Mayor of NMC comes to witness the exhibition, then he make think in terms of establishing a real one in the city. The students who innovated the Solar Creamatorium are Ashutosh Bankar, Nikhil Dhandar and Akash Uikey.

DSC_3657A  Super Cycle –a Self reliant machine

The students of Class 11th of Bhavan’s (Ashti Branch)  created a wonderful Super  Cycle which can be used to generate electricity, store electricity, Give water to fields, perform crop cutting, refill the threads for  handloom machine etc. The students who invented this machine, while speaking with Nagpur Today very enthusiastically explained how their model can be very useful in villages where there are frequent power cuts. The traditional method to draw water from wells and generators to produce electricity is costly. Manual labour for crop cutting is pretty tedious. To give an alternate solution and to combine all these efforts into their super cycle will be very beneficial cost efficient and easily available.

The process is very simple and can be performed by one or two people by peddling the cycle. India is a agriculture dependent country and this cycle will give a huge help to farmers with very low cost, which they can easily afford.  The students who invented the Super Cycle are Yashasvi Singh, Sumegh Dhole and Abhsihek Pandey- They were guided by their teacher Samir Khule.

Project to overcome the drawbacks while installing languages on system such as C, C++, Java,

Information technology students of Priyadarshni Polytechnic have made a ‘web based editor’ for  C, C++, Java, and designed to overcome the drawbacks that occurs in installing various languages on system such as C, C++, Java, while installing languages on system, it slows the system and there is difficulty in configuring  the compiler.It reduces both hardware & software requirement , informed students Deepak Yadav, Manish Singh, Akash Gorle and Rahul Kolhe.

DSC_3682Phone Point Pen (P3)

Students of Dharampeth Polytechnic Rajat, Vishal, Kushal and Akhilesh presented a very interesting Phone Point Pen (P3) having android application which is used to draw letter, sketch using mobile phone accelerator. It can be used to teach small children how to write letters with a feature of wireless mouse using mobile phone. It can also be used for medical purpose like hand deficiency.

Electricity production from Human Feces, garbage in trains

In this model the students presented how electricity can be produced from human feces which get collected on railway tracks by installing a container in the train. At main junctions these waste, feces and papers get collected in containers and from compost fertilizers from this electricity can be produced. Waste papers too can be recycled from railway station and in turn pollution can be avoided.  The students who invented the Power creation from Human Feces and other waste material are Uday Dohale, Pranalee Meshram and Sweety Surwanshi.

DSC_3638Many other innovative ideas and projects were presented by various students from different schools of Nagpur. Principal of  PIET C.G. Dethe and Director O.B. Bihade, while speaking with Nagpur Today said that this is 9th consecutive year of the conference and this year we invited students from 27 different schools to present their ideas and interact with engineering faculty and students  and get the feeling of the engineering environment . It is a unique feature and bigger platform to execute their talent.

The Organising committee of the conference comprising of  Dr.J.R.Dhantulwar, Dr. S.M.Rao, Dr. S.B. Jain, Dr. A.P.Kedar and  Abhijeet Varade.

Charles Salve Photos by Amol Gajbhiye