Published On : Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Sayona Public School kids forced to sit in filth for not paying fees, Principal justifies act

shareFromBeautyPlusNagpur: Call it insane, inhumane or the untamed commercialization of education system…this episode has perhaps crossed all barriers of ill treatment in schools. In a grave example of insanity towards children, a number of kids of Sayona Public School on Kamptee road are being made to sit near dustbin and filth outside the classrooms for the last 15 days. Well it was the punishment of course, but not for missing homework or skipping any classroom schedule but it was done for non payment of fees. And with a gleeful hope in their eyes and sporting smiles on their faces, the students simply obeyed to their teachers. In the moments of embarrasment these kids shyly told Nagpur Today that they were forced outside the class as their parents failed to pay their fees in time.

A video footage in possession of Nagpur Today clearly reveals the apathy of Sayona Public School administration in dealing with financial matters. In the footage, some primary school students are sitting on the dirty floor beside the dustbin, outside their classrooms as the other children teased them. “They could have informed us or sent us ultimatum instead of punishing our wards in such a ruthless manner. They should understand the repercussion before shaking the conscience of these innocent hearts. This are really embarrasing”, lamented one of the parents.

When Nagpur Today spoke to the Principal Vaishali Patil, she come up with a rude reply, “The parents have to understand that this school is not run by any aid. We have to pay salaries and look after other school expenses and since we didn’t receive the fees we are making their children outside the classrooms to make their parents understand.”

When asked if it was fair to shatter the confidence of children instead of communicating with the parents, she got furious and flatly replied, “If they parents are so much concerned why shouldn’t they pay the fees. It is give and take relationship.”

One of the parents said that there could be other means also like sending intimation to parents, or withhelding the results but to settle the scores with the children should not be fair in any way.
Moreover, the Principal Vaishali Patil stuck to her guns saying that come any authorities we are not going to bend on our stand.

The School which claims to be running on CBSE Pattern does not even have the basic facilities like school ground, drinking water etc. Instead it looks like a Corporation School claimed many parents on condition of anonymity simply because they do not want their children to be victimized.