Published On : Mon, Jan 6th, 2020

Save Speechless Organization provides home to stray puppies in Nagpur

Nagpur: City-based Save Speechless Organization (SSO), a voice for stray animals, takes care of the speechless species and nurtures them in shelter home. The SSO organises camps for adoption strays dogs and other animals in city. The Director of Save Speechless Organization is Namrata Mire and several students have joined the organisation with a mission.

The Save Speechless Organization, situated near Sandipani School, Hazari Pahad, has a shelter home on Dabha Road. At this shelter home, adoption of stray puppies is facilitated. In one such programme held on Sunday, January 5, 11 puppies out of 25 were adopted by animal lovers.

Speaking about adoption process, Namrata Mire, said “Peole who adopt dogs have to fill a form and submit their identification documents. We also provide them pamphlets that give basic information about how to take care of dogs. But our job does not end after handing over dongs as we visit them every month for a year and verify whether they are being looked after well or not. People, instead of buying high-end puppies, should adopt stray puppies and provide them a home to lead a normal life.