Published On : Mon, Jan 6th, 2020

75-year old woman’s organs save lives of two persons in Nagpur

Nagpur: A 75-year old woman saved lives of two persons by donating her vital organs including both kidneys, liver and pair of corneas posthumously.

Vimalprasad Srivas, the old woman residing at Plot No 12, Gulmohar Nagar, Bharatwada Road, was declared brain dead by doctorts at New Era Hospital in city. Both kidneys were transplanted to a 44-year-old male from city by the team of New Era Hospital while the Liver was transplanted to a 56-year-old male from city at the hospital on Sunday. The pair of corneas was donated to Mahatme Eye Bank.

According to Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre (ZTCC), Vimal was mother of seven children. She was ill since December 18 and was admitted to New Era Hospital on January 1. She was operated for massive intracerebral bleeding. In spite of all the treatment, her condition was neurologically deteriorated and a team of doctors declared her as brain dead. When her family was counselled by Dr Nilesh Agrawal for organ donation, her son Onkar Srivas and daughter Maya Nimpure consented to donate the organs of their mother. As per her last wish, both kidneys, a liver and a pair of corneas were donated by family members to New Era Hospital and Mahatma Eye Bank respectively.

The team of ZTCC members allocated organs by waiting list included: President-Dr Vibhawari Dani; Vice President-Dr V L Gupta; Secretary-Dr Sanjay Kote; Zone CoordinatorVeena Wathore. The brain dead committee members at New Era Hospital included a panel of doctors — Neurosurgeon, Dr Nilesh Agrawal; Neurophysician, Dr Parag Moon; Anesthetist, Dr Sahil Bansal; Intensivist, Dr Amil Kokas declared the patient brain dead and conducted two apnoea tests. The cross matching and compatibility tests were carried out by Dr Shailendra Mundhada. The team of doctors of New Era Hospital conducted kidney transplantation under the guidance of Dr Anand Sancheti, Dr Nidhish Mishra, Dr Shivnarayan Acharya, Dr Ravi Deshmukh, Dr Rohit Gupta, Dr Amit Deshpande, Dr Amol Kokas, Transplant co-ordinator Dr Ashwini Choudhri. The team of Liver retrieval and transplant of New Era Hospital included Dr Rahul Saxena, Dr Sahil Bansal, and Dr Sushant Gulhane.