Published On : Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

Samsung launches Galaxy J2: Makes 4G accessible and relevant for India


  • The latest Galaxy Smartphone is Samsung’s entry-level 4G model
  • The latest Galaxy Smartphone comprises of a new Ultra Data Saving (UDS) Mode ‘Made for India’ for the most cost-efficient 4G experience
  • Power-packed with premium super AMOLED display

Mr. Manu Sharma, Director Mobile Business, unveiling the Samsung Galaxy J2
Samsung India Electronics announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy J2, the latest entrant in the Galaxy J family on September 21, 2015. With the launch of Galaxy J2, Samsung has further strengthened its portfolio of 4G LTE smart phones allowing customers to have superfast internet connectivity and faster downloads.
While speaking about the Samsung Company, Director of Mobile Business at Samsung India Manu Sharma said that the Galaxy J2, apart from being a 4G enabled smart phone, is tailor-made to meet Indian consumer needs.

Before he elaborated about Samsung Galaxy J2, he gave some facts.


He said that there are millions of Internet Users in India. 302 Million on Computers, 250 Million on Mobile Phones and 170 Million 3G users. He claimed that Data consumption is increasing every day. India is ready for the 4G speed. He added that 4G is ten times faster than 3G.


He said that Samsung wants to be a catalyst for growth. He claimed that Samsung is making a visually rich 4G, cost-efficient 4G and a faster 4G smart phones. After a survey of the customer’s needs, they are making consumer cost-efficient phones. They have since partnered with Airtell Company. The Airtell has offered a Double Data Offer on every Samsung smart phone purchased.

He explained that Samsung sells its products especially the smart phones from 150 lakh stores, 21 Exclusive Stores and 2800 series stores across India. Samsung has around 40.3% market share.

The genesis of Galaxy J2 is Samsung’s desire to extend a differentiated 4G experience by addressing three key consumer requirements of a rich and immersive diplay, a cost-efficient Internet experience, and an enhanced performance device. Samsung has thus equipped Galaxy J2, with a diverse range of premium features including a qHD Super AMOLED screen, a powerful 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, to deliver an unparalleled 4G smart phone experience he claimed.

Over and above these premium features, Samsung has also developed an India-centric innovation by introducing Ultra Data Saving Mode, which delivers up to 50% data saving and up to 2X battery standby time, thereby making Samsung Galaxy J2 the most cost-efficient 4G device in the market.

Director of Mobile Business at Samsung India Manu Sharma said that they at Samsung are committed to empower our customers with the best-in-class and innovative technology across price segments. Samsung Galaxy J2, our entry level smart phone, has been specially made keeping in mind the Indian consumer’s sensibilities to make 4G accessible and relevant for all.

The Galaxy J2 reinforces our commitment to ‘Make for India’. Ultra Data Saving Mode, which is the key feature in the device, has been developed at our Indian R&D facilities to deliver the most cost efficient 4G device.” added Manu Sharma.

Made in India, Made for India:
Key features of the new Galaxy J2 have been developed in Samsung’s Indian R&D facilities, strengthening the company’s commitment to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make for India’. Ranging from India-centric user interface themes to the revolutionary Ultra Data Saving mode, the Indian R&D team has played a key role in the overall development of the device. The ‘Ultra Data Saving’ (UDS) mode ensures that the user has access to more internet while using less data. UDS mode provides up to 50% savings in data and also frees up to 11% RAM, thereby refining customer experience on a smart phone.

Vivid Display
Samsung Galaxy J2 provides an immersive experience with a large 4.7 inch qHD super AMOLED screen. Whether you are browsing through photos, watching a video or surfing the web at blazing fast 4G speeds; vibrant colors and the larger display brings life to the content and enhances the viewing pleasure. Excellent contrast ratio produces superior imagery with deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more vivid colors while the large display facilitates better viewing of multimedia content.

Fast Browsing
Samsung is committed to leading the 4G revolution by providing new user experiences and latest technology. For faster 4G speeds, the Galaxy J2 also features Download Booster that combines 4G speeds with WiFi speeds to deliver faster than 4G downloads.

Sophisticated Imaging Capabilities
The new Samsung Galaxy J2 has a camera which allows you to take high quality, crisp and detailed photographs. The 5 mega pixel rear camera with a low F 2.2 aperture and LED flash clicks bright and clear pictures, even in low-light conditions. It also features a 2 mega pixel front camera to provide a great video calling and selfie experience.

The camera of the Galaxy J2 also has advanced camera features such as quick launch and ‘Palm Selfie’ mode that automatically clicks a self-timer photo when you show the camera lens the palm of your hands. Samsung Galaxy J2 is a great shooter that takes detailed photos that look professional, in-focus, and well-lit.

Powerful Performance
The Samsung Galaxy J2 is equipped with a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and 1 GB RAM for easy multi-tasking with ease and speed.
The smart phone also comes embedded with an all new ‘Smart Manager’ that looks after your mobile’s operations and settings to ensure optimal performance.

Slim Design
Measuring just 8.4mm, the Galaxy J2 is a slim device with its soft rounded edges that ensures a comfortable grip. It is available in gold, white, and black colors and is complemented with a premium metallic finish and faux-leather back panel.

Price and Availability
The new Samsung Galaxy J2 device will be available from September 21 across all channels, at a price of INR 8,490.