Published On : Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

“Sahab Mai Mara Nahi Hoo” (I am not dead)

Nagpur News.

The development is full of Suspense. Mystery.  “Murder”.  Action.  Drama. High-voltage Shock. Melodrama. And lots and lots of Questions. Following is sequence of the words mentioned above.

According to reports, the entire episode started with the sequence. A man Rakesh Vithhoba, resident of village Mohpa in Kalmeshwar Tehsil, ventured out for a job and reached Nagpur. However, he got the job or not could not be ascertained but Rakesh triggered hell of Suspense for his near and dear ones back at home. With no word from Rakesh, and no return to home even after more than a month, the anxious relatives lodged a missing complaint with Kalmeshwar Police Station. And police, too, filed an FIR in this connection. The Suspense over missing Rakesh remained unsolved for one and half month after filing of the FIR.

However, the Suspense started to get blown off when a highly decomposed body was found in village Mathni Siwar near Mauda on Bhandara Road. The condition of body was beyond recognition. But the Kalmeshwar police “recognized” the body as that of Rakesh Vithhoba and changed the missing FIR to murder FIR.

Now, the Mystery started to play its role. Who murdered Rakesh? Anyhow, the investigations by police reached its logical end and the accused Harikishore Kohle, resident of Mohpa and Tulsi of Nagpur were arrested for the “Murder” of Rakesh.

Kalmeshwar police went into Action mode and started the probe into “Murder” of Rakesh thoroughly. After the tireless investigation, the police prepared a chargesheet against both accused Harikishore and Tulsi. Both were produced in a court and the trial commenced.  The Kalmeshwar police presented their case beyond doubts. The court, too, found the accused guilty and awarded them jail terms. Now both convicts are in jail. The police Action was praised by one and all.

But the entire episode took the shape of a Drama. After some months, Rakesh returned to his home but only to give his near and dear ones a High-voltage Shock. The relatives could not believe their own eyes and called all villagers to identify the man who tells to his relatives he is Rakesh. The Drama continued for hours and so the High-voltage Shock. Finally, Rakesh turned out be Rakesh. When Rakesh was apprised of entire episode beginning from the missing FIR to jail to his murderers, Rakesh decided to correct the wrong.

He went to Kalmeshwar Police Station and staged a Melodrama. He told the policemen: “Sahab Mai Mara Nahi Hoo” (Sir, I am not dead). The words of “Murdered” Rakesh sent the cops in a tizzy and shell shocked. Their brains went empty. Policemen developed cold feet. Hands started trembling. Eyes remained wide open but went blank. What is happening? Nothing happened. But still everything went wrong.

The bizarre, unbelievable, beyond imagination episode reached the media on Sunday. Media also were awed. Now, the media men have decided to get Harikishore and Tulsi, convicted for “Murder” of Rakesh and now are in jail, released.

However, the police Action has raised lots and lots Questions. Their efficiency, intelligence are at stake. One aspect is certain. Police would face a severe flak and would be pushed to walls. Walls of chambers of higher officials. Walls of courts. Walls of public courts. No correction Action will be able to answer the lots and lots of Questions.