Published On : Sat, Aug 16th, 2014

Sagar Meghe all set to return to Nagpur from Dubai

sagar megheNagpur News: The coming 10-day Lord Ganesh festivity is likely to bring good news for supporters of Sagar, the high-profile son of top politician Datta Meghe. The supporters went ecstatic after learning that the sulking son of the family, who has got himself settled in Dubai for overseeing his business empire, is returning to Nagpur to be part of the festivity. In fact, a Sagar-backed Corporator has claimed that the he has already arrived in city along with wife. The news has, however, created ripples among Sagar’s rivals.

According to the Corporator, the annual 10-day festivity is celebrated at Meghe’s Wardha-based Medical College in grand scale. Moreover, Sagar never missed his participation and graced the celebrations along with his family ever since the Ganeshotsav was being organized in the College since the past few years.

This year too, the Sagar Meghe couple has planned their participation in the festivity in a big way. However, it has still not been decided whether Sagar would stay in Nagpur or Wardha. The visit of Meghe couple is being seen in religious point of view only. But the visit assumes greater importance in view of coming Assembly elections and hundreds of Sagar’s supporters are eagerly waiting to meet him in this context, too.

Although politics has never been in his forte nor he made foray in any major election, Sagar Meghe created many key leaders in Congress party through Rajiv Sena he formed during his college days. Sagar, for the first time, contested the election for MLC from Local Self Government constituency that too respecting the word of BJP stalwart Nitin Gadkari. He had won the most expensive and hotly debated election with aplomb.

However, Sagar quit the MLC post just after three years in order to extend a helping hand to his father who was facing a political downslide. And then on father’s request, he fought the Lok Sabha election from Wardha constituency but had to taste a humiliating defeat at the hands of BJP. The defeat, thereafter, led to bickering within Meghe family over politics and political future. The bickering so stretched that after the family’s entry into BJP fold, Sagar, along with family, shifted to Dubai to oversee his business empire.

According to one of Sagar’s friends, the business of Meghe family has got expanded to such heights that Sagar had to dash to Dubai immediately for running the empire in best professional way. On the contrary, other friend stated that the political hassles forced Sagar shunt to the Middle East country till the Assembly elections are over. But the speculative talk has no ending. Whatever may be the compulsions, the focus at present is return of Sagar to Nagpur and his next moves.