Published On : Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

Sadar Police inspector, Arun Mali, arrested while accepting bribe of Rs 2, 50,000

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Sadar Police inspector, Arun Mail  and constable, Manohar Ramudas were arrested for accepting bribe of Rs 2,50,000 by ACB.

The complainant, Shakilbabu s/o Sheikh Chhotusaheb, 42, a resident of, 19, near Sadiqabad colony, Awasthinagar, Nagpur, had purchased agricultural land admeasuring 2.15 ha, mauza Chakki Khapa, Khasra no. 48/3, on 18th February 2014, from Bapu Mahadeorao Gorle, a resident of, Gumthala, for Rs 30,00,000/. The document was registered at sub-registrar office, Nagpur, rural.

At the time of purchase the land was shown as belonging to category 1 in 7/12 record. The transaction was therefore recorded as belonging to category 1. In the last month, some agents dealing in land transactions came to the sub-registrar office and filed an application that though the land belongs to category 2, the transaction is fraudulently recorded as belonging to category 1.

On the strength of this application sub-registrar filed a complaint with Sadar police station regarding the transaction. The case was allotted to police inspector, Arun Mali, who called the present complainant to police station. After checking the relevant papers, he demanded bribe of Rs 5,00,000/. As the bribe was not paid, an offence was registered and the present complainant was arrested. On being produced before the court, the complainant was granted bail.

But police inspector, Arun Mali continued to harass the complainant by calling him to police station, time and again and thus he mentally tortured the complainant. Through an intermediary Vijay Raut known to both, police inspector and the complainant, a deal was finalised at Rs 2,50,000/.

Accordingly, on June 7, a trap was laid and Arun Mali sent his writer, Manohar Ramudas Nimje, buckle no. 4498 to pan kiosk in front of collector office for collecting the cash. And at this spot, ACB personnel caught Nimje, red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 2,50,000/ Immediately, Arun Mali was also arrested from his chamber of Sadar police station.

An offence is registered against both police inspector, Arun Mali and police constable, Manohar Ramudas Nimje for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs 2,50,000/ under sections 7,12,13 of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, at Sadar police station.

Police inspector, Arun Mali’s residence at Aundh, tehsil Khatav, district Satara is also being searched for getting further evidence.

The present action was carried out under the guidance of Vasant Shirbhate, police superintendent, Anti Corruption Bureau, Nagpur and Sanjay Purandare, additional police superintendent, Chandrashekhar Bahadure, deputy police superintendent, Nagpur, police inspector, Kshirsagar, police head constable, Sanjay Thakur, Komal Bisen, Milind Halmare, Subhash Tanodkar and Chandrashekhar Dhok.