Published On : Sat, Jul 18th, 2020

Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Gp Nagpur has organized a Webinar on ” Impact of Covid 19 on Economy of Musical World ”

Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Gp Nagpur has organized a Webinar on ” Impact of Covid 19 on Economy of Musical World ” ” live on Zoom Platform. Mr. Jayant Mainkar , Senior Journalist and Bureau Chief, UNI Mumbai was key note speaker. Mr. Jayant Mainkar is a renowned T V Debater and senior Journalist from Mumbai.

Majority of people from cultural field was on line for the webinar. At the beginning organizer Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar , Director of Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Group introduce Speaker and welcome all on line participants.

Webinar starts with the present economical and financial condition of artists from cultural field. As Speaker is reporter and from Mumbai , he is closely associated with music Industry and share live experiences with legendary figures of musical world with gathering. He gave brief idea about cultural scenario of over all Maharashtra and activities which took place before and after lockdown.

Mr. Jayant Mainkar is in Journalism from last 30 years and writer of columns in leading news papers. He is a Political debater and frequently appears on TV Channels in various debates of current crises in country.

While explaining about impact on economy of musical world , He quotes practical examples of present scenarios in western Maharashtra and Mumbai. He gives stress on maximum use of online avenues to generate revenue for livelihood.

He further quotes comparative analysis of living expenses in Pune Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra. He also quotes that music industry and film industry gets flourished at Mumbai because all required raw material and man power is available there. Because of which Music Directors, Film Directors has established their studios in Mumbai and Pune. And that’s why artist from that region gets more chances of earnings compared with artists from rest of Maharashtra. He says that no one can make you self reliant unless you yourself is convinced for it.

You must start working from home by all means and should use online avenues.

He quotes various live examples from his vast experience of journalism , to support his saying that how individually each one can find peace and satisfaction in life by changing his/ her thought process. Mr. Jayant Mainkar is recipient of many credentials and awards for his out standing performance in journalism. He gets felicitated by the hands of dignitaries at various occasions in past.

He is from Yavatmal and get settled at Mumbai after graduation . Initially he works with some news papers from Nagpur , Yavatmal and latter on shifted to Mumbai. He is a well known figure in political circle of Maharashtra. He attends all press conferences which takes place in Mantralaya to share Govt Policies and planning’s.

Organiser Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar Director of Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Group , in his concluding remarks talks about the regional imbalance in western Maharashtra and Vidarbha region. Artists from Pune and Mumbai gets more chances for their upliftment and earnings compared with artist from our region. Because of lockdown, there is drastic impact on economy of musical world. He further says that , Coming days are more critical. Till the end of this year there is no scope for shows in halls. We all has to take care for our people whose bread depends on it.

While sharing future plans he says that We will submit Representation with State Govt for financial assistance to artists of our musical world. He address to audience to acquire professional Education so that , You may stand up on your legs in any circumstances. He express his gratitude towards event organizer from our region, who conducts on line musical concerts and tries their best to give work to people associated with music industry.

Later on Question and answer session takes place where Mr. Jayant Mainkar gave answers to the questions asked by audience. Mrs. Sadhana Khale, Mrs. Nageshwari Natesh, Mrs. Harshali Kherche , Vijay Puranik, Mr. Prashant Sahare, Shreya Puranik, . Mr. Bopche, Prof. Ashish Taywade , Mrs. Nalini Chauhan , Asks their doubts for betterment of cultural world.
Dr. Varsha Uttarwar express her gratitude towards all on line guests and propose Vote of Thanks.