Published On : Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015

RTO Corruption Caught on Camera by Nagpur Today team

rto1Nagpur: Whether it is the City RTO or Rural RTO, everybody who has to do anything with the Road Transport Office is tired of the corruption from top to bottom, alleged sources.

The officials and employees of the RTO bluntly refuse to work or function in normal way citing some or the other technical difficulties, alleged sources. These officials then strongly recommend some or the other RTO agent or touts to get the work done.
These agents or touts demand Rs 1000 (rupees one thousand) for a work that would hardly cost Re 1/-(rupee one). This looting has been going on since time-immemorial. Such type of nasty activities indulged by officials and employees of RTO plus the touts (Dalal), have reached its zenith.

Since these employees and officials enjoy the extra money received as bribes, these touts encash on their greed and have immense control over these officials and employees of RTO. Since the last 25-30 years, these touts have developed such a strong influence over these employees and officials. Many of the older or aged touts have seen many officials and employees come and go. So strong is their influence, that many officials visit their houses or their offices before coming to their own RTO office.

Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was irked by the innumerous complaints that he had been receiving about the rampant corruption in RTO. He then worked on it and brought the on-line registration system to remedy the corruption. In consonance to the Gadkari’s move, the top officials of RTO in recent days have started claiming that corruption in RTO offices has been eliminated.

However, Nagpur Today endeavored to unravel the truth behind this claim. A team of Nagpur Today reached RTO office and started a sting operation. What we found was Shocking, We will upload the uncut Sequence of events on how Nagpur RTO works on the hands of Agents or touts, right from clerk to officers.

Come back on Tuesday Morning 10 am to watch the un-cut Video of Sting Operation done by Nagpur Today Team